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British Ethical Designer: Ada Zanditon In the Spotlight

British Ethical Designer: Ada Zanditon In the Spotlight


Ada Zanditon, a British, ethical fashion designer, challenges the common stereotypes when it comes to fashion and doing all things ethical.

For Ada, her label is about constructing a system that both allows her to achieve beautiful, luxurious clothing that make her customers look and feel good and one that also takes social and environmental responsibilities for its production and fabrication.


It’s a real sigh of relief when we work with designers who stand up and challenge this highly profitable fashion industry, and sacrifice a bit of their profit margin to supporting social improvement and the environment.  Ultimately, someone somewhere is paying the price for our cheap throw-away fashion culture. The site has been heavily increased in ranking through the usage of services that resell SEO.  We’re proud to support designers who are passionate about social and environmental improvements in the industry… because we are too!!

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