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Christmas Showcase | Stuffed Teddy Bear

Christmas Showcase |  Stuffed Teddy Bear

For the past couple of months we have been selecting our favourite bloggers to collaborate with us for our Christmas Showcase! We asked them to create a Christmas themed project using our fabrics, and we have had a HUGE range of ideas and projects sewn up, that we are going to post here every Friday!


TODAY: Learn how to make a gorgeous stuffed teddy! By Girl, Meet’s WolfHello! I’m Tors and I blog over at Girl, meets Wolf. No, I’m not Scandinavian, blonde nor built to fill out an opera diva’s breastplate, just born to parents who didn’t think Vicky was a suitable nickname for me. I’m a firm believer that, like wands from Ollivanders, there’s a teddy bear for everyone. Even for adults. Some you find, some find you, and some you make yourself. The upsurge in handmade is gratifying, especially for someone like me that prefers to make as much as possible. But living sustainably isn’t just a catchy slogan, it’s a lifestyle choice and handmade has more ramifications than most people know, which is why I was so happy to work with the Offset Warehouse Team to produce the perfect handmade, sustainably produced gift for Christmas: a teddy bear.


This particular teddy bear is from a book called Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tone Finnanger. I can highly recommend her books, filled to the brim with Scandinavian designs that will make your fingers itch to get crafting. Whatever your source, you’ll start with a template – the building blocks of your bear.


My teddy is quite an easy make, requires only a running stitch to complete, a little stuffing and a steady(ish) hand. My fabric choice was in short supply, but rather than lose the teddy I’d fallen for, I decided to patchwork together what I needed along with an old sheet I was recycling. I sew my pieces together before cutting, so that I can use the template line as a sewing guide. I cut a rough seam allowance using pinking scissors so the fabric doesn’t fray and create holes.



Stuffing is my favourite bit, it’s where the teddy starts to come together and you get a real idea of the personality inside.


Once all the separate limbs are complete, it’s time to sew it together. I use embroidery thread, it’s stronger due to the multiple threads so it can withstand the stress of holding together the joints so they articulate.


Then all that’s left to do is give my teddy a face with the help of some fabric pens, paint and a dry paint brush.


Voila! The perfect Christmas present! One present down, a dozen left to go!

For other handmade inspiration, the wolf, the cat and our adventures please visit us at Thank you to the Offset Warehouse Team for having me, hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!

Check out some fantastic eco fabrics perfect for your teddy bears here.

Or head over to Girl, Meets Wolf’s apricot striped organic fabric here.


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