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Franki's Zero Waste Fabric pattern ideas | Bow & Collar

Franki's Zero Waste Fabric pattern ideas | Bow & Collar

Our wonderful Franki is back with her amazing Zero Waste fabric pattern ideas! Today she will teach us how to make a Bow and a Collar!

Zero Waste Bow

Bow Instructions:

  1. Cut out Bow and Bow Middle.
  2. Fold Bow along Fold Lines, right sides of the fabric together.
  3. Stitch along the sides until you reach the Centre line. The seam allowance is marked.
  4. Turn the bow the right way round and stitch up the open seam; this is the back of the Bow.
  5. Now you can pleat the bow, make even stitches to gather the centre line together, go through both layers.
  6. Take the bow middle, fold along fold line (right sides together) and stitch up seam allowance.
  7. Turn the bow middle the right way round and wrap around the gathered centre line of the Bow.
  8. Stitch bow middle closed around the bow (tidily!!). Voila you have your Zero Waste Bow.



Zero waste bow pattern

Zero Waste Pattern – Bow



-You may want to use a lightweight interfacing to stabilise the fabric.

-The size of the Bow is flexible, you could print it a different size if you like of use the same layout to draw up your own Zero Waste Bow

Collar (for using up your scraps)

Collar Instructions:

  1. Cut 4 (2 pairs) of the collar pattern.
  2. Stitch each pair right sides together all the way round, along the marked stitch line, leaving just the centre back seam open.
  3. Snip into the seam allowance to allow the curve to lie flat, turn collars the right sides out.
  4. Hand stitch the centre back seams as neatly as possible, and use an iron to press the collars flat.
  5. You can either now attached the collar to a garment of your choice (hand stitching them down or just along the neckline), or you can attach the collar to ribbon and wear as an accessory.
Zero waste pattern collar

Zero Waste Pattern – Collar


-If you want to use fabric and a lining, repeat the steps above just make sure you cut a pair of lining and a pair of fabric and match them up accordingly.

-You may want to use a lightweight interfacing to stabilise the fabric.


Visit Franki’s website:

Or contact her: 07956077588

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