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Eco Vintage Summer Trousers by Katie Thomas

Eco Vintage Summer Trousers by Katie Thomas

Get the look with Eco Vintage Summer Trousers! From her new home in Mumbai, India, our fabulous Eco Vintage Warrior, Katie Thomas, is still trend hunting for the best items this summer 2014.

As we delve further into the summer months it is only fitting to explore new fabrics that are more lightweight and breathable than those of the winter. This cream squared organic cotton sateen fabric has a subtle yet unique checker pattern which initially attracted me to it, ideal for say a straight trouser leg on a breezy summers day.

Cream Squared Organic Cotton Sateen to create an Eco Vintage summer trouser

Made in Turkey and dispatched from France, you’ll have little on your conscience after using the fabric, as it is made by people paid fair wages, using low energy and water consuming methods and low-impact dyes.

One difficulty with ethical fashion is the worry that you’ll end up with a hemp-sack disaster – not with this organic cotton! This fabric oozes a modern and chic style. Combined with a block colour tee for a more casual occasion, or a vintage sparkle crop for an evening out, a straight legged trouser is really versatile. Inspiration for the trouser comes from Victoria Beckham’s Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection, shown below:

Cream Squared Organic Cotton Sateen to create an Eco vintage summer trouser

It can be easily combined with all footwear from flats, wedges to stilettos depending on which suits your mood.

This fabric is definitely worth experimenting with to find a perfect tailored look!

By: Katie Thomas

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