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Happiness Happens For Elena and Her Leggings

Happiness Happens For Elena and Her Leggings

For her Happiness Happens Day, Elena Rosa from Randomly Happy submitted these comfortable leggings that she sewed together during her pregnancy!

Happiness Happens leggings

I’m so pleased that the team at Offset Warehouse asked me to share the make I’m most proud of for Happiness Happens day. I am always so super critical of the things I sew and make. Sure, I share them all with the readers of my blog, Randomly Happy, but I’m never 100% happy with them. So I loved this challenge because it really got me thinking positively.  

So I chose these leggings as my happiest make. These leggings have it going on. Comfy. Floral. Perfect fit. But, what I’m most proud of is that I made the pattern myself. From scratch. True story.

happiness happens hem

It was a bit of work, but actually it didn’t take much longer than cutting out a commercial pattern. And I know that these beauties fit me perfectly because they’re tailor made for me and my wonky shape. A total win!


Submit your #HappinessHappensOW sewing wins too!

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