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Happiness Happens for Katie and her Mum’s Kimonos

Happiness Happens for Katie and her Mum’s Kimonos

Happiness Happens Day

Being a designer or maker can be difficult in many ways, one issue being that with ideas and trends constantly changing it can feel as if your creations become outdated quickly. That is very frustrating and energy consuming, so for this months Happiness Happens Day on the 8th August I am putting forward two pieces my mum has made in order to show how creations can have a long life in our wardrobes, no matter what the trends.

I am very proud of her because having only started creating and following patterns over the last nine months she started by making simple shift dresses and shirt patterns, followed by kimonos and more difficult pieces.

As a first attempt at creating these kimonos they were really quick and successful, and have been great for the summer, as they are light and interesting to match with other contrasting prints. By using a simple pattern inspired by an old kimono from a high street brand she was able to use a silk from Offset Warehouse to create a more modern kimono with a jungle-esque print, as seen below.


The second kimono was also created using the same pattern, however in an African print made of a light cotton  – it’s also an Offset Warehouse fabric!


These kimonos in particular are easy to create and can be a staple item for many holidays and summery weather in the future, and because of the simple pattern won’t become outdated for a long time to come!

Get involved by sending us YOUR favourite make! #HappinessHappensOW

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  • Those prints are everything! I like the combination of hesitation, inspiration, and humility. I believe in your skills, so let it all go and just keep creating. Happy Happy Happiness Day for you all.

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