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Happiness Happens For Jen And Her Denim Skirt

Happiness Happens For Jen And Her Denim Skirt

In September 2012, Jen embarked on a year of buying absolutely nothing new.  After one year of making her own clothes, mending broken things to reuse and doing fantastic things for our environment, she wrote this amazing blog as a way of documenting her journey: the trials and tribulations, and her triumphs too!  Here’s her submission for Happiness Happens Day!

Hi everyone! This is a picture of me wearing my denim skirt:

Happiness Happens1

 I love it for so many reasons:

-I managed to re-purpose a pair of jeans that really didn’t suit me, and that I didn’t wear much, into something that I wear a LOT

-I picked some fabric that makes me smile to use as the middle panel-I am sure I am like lots of crafters, in that I have some fabric that I LOVE, but that I don’t really know what to do with. Incorporating bits of it into things that I see and use every day makes me happy!

-It’s not perfect. And people will often ask me if I made it myself. I love that people can see that it is handmade/re-purposed. It starts a conversation with people about re-use, and about having a go. My skirt proves that things don’t have to be perfect to be wearable!

Happiness Happens2


Here’s Jen talking on TEDx

happines happens jen denim skirt


Check out all the other Happiness Happens submissions and submit yours too! #HappinessHappensOW

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