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Jeans For Genes: Make Your Own & Create A Difference

Jeans For Genes: Make Your Own & Create A Difference

This Friday 19th September we’re celebrating Jeans for Genes Day and raising awareness for the cause by asking you to make your very own jeans!

In the UK, 1 in 25 children are affected by genetic disorders. These children have a difficult life and often require support to cope with the various struggles that they face everyday. Jeans for Genes day, held on the 19th of September this year, was initiated to raise money through schools and offices for a range of charities that support such children. People at work and children at school wear jeans on the day of this annual fundraising event, to raise awareness of genetic disorders, and make a donation to the Jeans for Genes organization.

Finding a pair of jeans to wear on this day is not difficult – everyone has at least one pair in their wardrobe. Most of our jeans, however, will have been mass-produced by manufacturers who make huge profits from every purchase and sadly, there are many tragic stories behind the creation of such products. These huge manufacturers employ cheap laborers from poor countries who toil in uncomfortable and unsafe work environments to create the product that you buy. The price you pay for it is several times the compensation they obtain for their efforts.

There’s nothing worse than supporting one cause and realising you’re making another worse! So, why don’t you make a difference this Jeans for Genes Day and raise awareness by creating your own jeans from ethically sourced organic denim fabric?

Jeans for Genes DayLIght Blue Denim

Offset Warehouse have plenty of options: Black denim, dark blue denim, light blue denim and indigo organic denim chambray are all popular jeans colours and provide you a rich range of choices. You also have the option of tailoring your jeans from heavyweight organic denim which, in spite of being extra heavy has an excellent drape.

Made from organic cotton, these materials are created without energy wastage and are eco-friendly. There are no unfortunate labour exploitation tales behind these products. By constructing your jeans from this high-quality, cruelty free, organic denim material, you can have it tailored to your exact measurements. Once you try start making your own, you will soon bid goodbye to ill-fitting readymade jeans, which in no way compare to the precise fitting of ones tailored to your measurements. Wearing clothes that fit make you look smarter and also add to your self-confidence. Whichever be the style—classic fit, bootcut, skinny, or baggy, tailoring your jeans will also allow you to bring that extra dash of your signature style into your attire.

Need a denim jean sewing pattern? I just can’t decide between these Butterick patterns!

Sewing Denim Jeans PatternSewing Denim Jeans Pattern

If you don’t have the time to put together your own pair of jeans, then I’d urge you to pick up something from the Jeans for Genes’ online shop. What I really like is that they tell you exactly how the money raised so far has helped – so have a read through there too.

Make a difference this Jeans for Genes day and let it be all about contributing to a noble cause while choosing high-quality, customized jeans which are environmentally friendly and socially beneficial as well. Discover the better option of organic denim fabric—one that will leave you confident and completely satisfied!

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