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What To Make With Blue Denim

What To Make With Blue Denim

A lot of people say to me, “I just love this fabric, but what would I make with it?”  Excellent question!  Sometimes we do need just a little inspiration, so I thought I’d start with our #FabricOfTheWeek with a quick What To Make With Blue Denim post!  I love a good inspiration board, so I’ve put together a Pinterest board of some great ways to use and wear denim (… I also managed to get Daniel Craig in there too, so that was a happy bonus!)

Here are a couple of my favourites:


Sarah Jessica-Parker, making dungarees look ultra cool for a relaxed runaround-town look.  Great for the school run!



How brilliantly beautiful is this rug? Made from scraps of denim, I’d have to make a lot of denim shirts to get this many scraps, but I would certainly do it if I could make this!  This rug was made on an avalanche loom – just amazing.


What To Make With Blue Denim

Just had to include this interiors feature because of its beautiful use of dark indigo blue.  Matching denim blue apron, and you’d be all set!


What To Make With Denim

What a fun way to decorate a table?! I absolutely love it.  I’ve never seen it done before, but how gorgeous is the colour against the white plates. Incredibly unique and different.


What to Make with Dark Blue Denim

Remake this hat in dark blue denim – what a gorgeous idea!  Would be really nice in black or white too actually.


These are just a few of the ideas I found to get your sewing fingers tingling – check out the other inspirational images here!

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