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What To Sew On The First Day Of Autumn: Fashion Trends 2014

What To Sew On The First Day Of Autumn: Fashion Trends 2014

It’s the official first day of Autumn and I certainly haven’t got the wintry blues!  I’m just excited to get those gorgeous, thick fabrics out.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely dress better in winter than I do in summer. Fact.

As autumn arrives, I like to know what I ought to be wearing to stay ahead of the curve, so here’s a little round up of autumn fashion trends 2014 as seen on the catwalks and some ideas of what we should be making to be “on trend”.

1. Patterned Dresses & 60s Mod

Patterned Dresses Trend

Do like Givenchy, Prada and Burberry and go for voluminous dresses with dark, all-over patterns. Cinch in dresses at the waist, so you don’t look like a frumpy bag.  Here are some prints that I’ll be trying out to achieve the look:

Zig Zag Blue Organic Cambric Chakra Hand Block Cambric Panhka Organic Cotton Offset Warehouse 250-NJ40-T31-OTR

There’s also a 60’s mod vibe this Autumn, so if you can amalgam prints with a 60’s look, even better!  Here’s Louis Vuitton (below) showing us how to do it.  A-line shift dresses are key. Here’s a great 60’s A-Line Burda pattern you could try.  Pair with knee-high boots to complete the look.  If you’re concerned about super short skirts – don’t worry – below the knee works great too (style with ankle boots instead). The Louis Vuitton colours are a little too retro for me, but I love the polo neck – not entirely practical with a super short skirt I admit! Make one in a luxe, thick jersey, like one of these jerseys and you’re set! (If Vuitton’s retro colours are a little too… brown for you too, then scroll to the bottom where I’ve done a nifty colour transformation!)

Louis Vuitton Mod Look A-Line Shift Dress


2. Pale Pink

Boo to muddy browns and dark wintry colours, designers like Chanel, Fendi and Dior are all hailing spring colours and shunning the darks of Autumn – and I’m a fan! I’m obsessed with pink anyway, but wearing pink against the colder, darker days makes me feel great!

I’ve found a nice selection of pink coloured fabrics here – and as always, I’ve made a bit of a mood board to go with!  (You know I love a good mood board!)

Pale Pink Trends


3. Fairy Tales

Alongside this pink colour trend, there is also a “Fairy Tale” trend, as illustrated by Dolce & Gabbana.  Think oversized hoods, jade green embellished capes and enchanting Little Red Riding Hood ruby coats.

Dolce & Gabbana Fairy TaleEco Buttons


4. Blanket Scarves

Huge fan of this trend – anything that makes it basically acceptable to wear your duvet in public is fine by me!  It’s one of the easiest things to make with bits of spare fabrics EVER. Definitely check out the Bargain Basement for this one.

Here are some examples as seen on Burberry, Sacai and Issa runways, and if you’re feeling a little flush, I have to plug my gorgeous friend Arlette Lee, who has developed the most amazing line of baby Alpaca blanket scarves, known as Ruanas.  She swears by them (as do a couple of major celebs I might add).

Blanket Scarves


5. Zips

Again, a nifty little trend, to simply update an old look!  Stella McCartney took zips to a whole new level of creativity (in the middle below), but if you’re not feeling the energy to make a head-to-toe zip ensemble, then appliqué a chunky zip to a knitted jumper or dress, like Balenciaga (right).  Or you can be a little more subtle, like Carven (left).

If you can add a zip to your garment so that it still zips, great! Otherwise a “faux zip” will still achieve the look.  Super funky, fun and trendy.

Zip Dress


6. Blue

I may not have the wintry blues, but I might be wearing them! Pink of course reigns supreme, but we will see lots of blue this Autumn- everything from beautiful cobalts to teals. Here is how Topshop (left) and J. JS Lee (middle & right) have done it.

Blue Trend AW 2014Blue Trend AW 2014

I love an oversized jumper, so if you’re a knitter, try out this oversized winter jumper (called a cape here… but I’m not sure why). For sewers, I’d love to see this slouchy Burda cape pattern in a bright blue – and these also tie very nicely into the scarf trend too!

Slouchy Cape Pattern

7. Contrast Collars

The must-have jackets this Autumn have contrast collars featuring fur or shearling.  I particularly love this trend because you can simply update your current winter coat with a detachable collar.  If you’re not into fur or leather, go faux fur or velvet.  Here’s how they did it at Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Givenchy:

Detatchable Collars


Zero waste pattern collar

Zero Waste Pattern – Collar

Here’s a free detachable collar pattern you can use for this one. Pieces of bargain basement fabrics would work really well as you only need a little piece. Or why not go all out and make your 60’s dress in something really gorgeous like organic velvet (in the on-trend colours pink and blue, no less!) and make a detachable collar in some of the leftover pieces?

Pink Organic Velvet Blue Organic Velvet Organic Green Velvet


Being pretty nifty on photoshop does come in handy – here’s a little idea of what the colours might look like:

60s Pink Mod Dress 60s Grey Mod Dress 60s Green Mod Dress


I’d love to know if you’re inspired to make anything – please do send me photos of your creations: [email protected]

If you’d like to keep up with these updates, please do add your email to the “Send Me Your Crafty Emails” box, and receive monthly roundups of the best articles!



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