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Fantastic Halloween Costumes You Can Wear More Than Once

Fantastic Halloween Costumes You Can Wear More Than Once


How fun and striking is this look?! Totally on trend with the A-line silhouettes this season – honest! Have a look at my on trend write up to prove it. I love that you could whip this up and still wear it all year round. And such a lovely, simple shape, it’ll take no time at all to put together. For a pattern, here’s a cheap A-line dress pattern you can try.

Here are some yellow fabrics and yellow fabric paints for some options.  And if you’re not a fan of yellow, you could always be a carrot!


No not that scary, horror Carrie… well you could! We were thinking Carrie Bradshaw. Rumours of a third Sex and the City Movie are rife! Go for a topical option with our fantastic white organza and whip up that infamous skirt that you can flaunt day or night – make the layers a little longer if it’s a little “young”.



Classy Witch

Make yourself a classy LBD (little black dress) you can jazz up with accessories for Halloween then wear as a cocktail dress afterwards. We’ve got some luxurious black fabrics like our Black Organic Cotton Sateen, our Black Hemp Silk Charmeuse and our Raw Black Silk.

Witch Costume


Bonnie & Clyde

A classier way to approach Halloween.  A particularly great one if you’re not quite sure how serious everyone is taking it, or if you’re entering a “new” crowd – nothing worse than turning up completely over the top.

For the top, I’d head straight to our bargain basement for a cheap steal – that yellow top could easily be achieved with just one square of fabric. Check out this amazing article by Franki about how to put a t-shirt together using just a fabric square. And the skirt is a lovely shape and incredibly easy to sew together.  For the fabric I’d go for something a little thicker – have a browse through this “Winter Skirt” section of the fabric shop for some inspiration!

Bonnie & Clyde Costume


Wilma Flintstone

An off-the-shoulder number, it’s really rather a sweet dress (I’d make it a few inches longer to be a little more “appropriate” as a day dress).  This pattern is a little harder with a woven fabric, as you’ve got to manoeuvre around busts, hips and shoulders, so a knitted fabric might be a better idea.

Fred & Wilma Flintstone


Mary Poppins

I love this costume!  If you can go coordinate with Bert, the chimney sweep, it makes the costume even more successful somehow! I really like that the whole thing is comprised of incredibly wearable pieces, with some simple, bright red accessorising and flowers on the hat to complete the piece. Shirts are a little trickier to sew, but if you can manage it, I’d make a detachable frill collar onto a mandarin stand. The skirt is an incredibly straightforward A-Line skirt in a dark colour – again, have a quick look in the Winter Skirt section for some ideas.

Mary Poppins Costume


I hope these get your creative juices flowing!  I’d love to know what you all think and what you end up going as!  Please do email me your photos. Add your email address to the “Send Me Your Crafty Email” box and I’ll email you every month with the latest updates.

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