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Make-at-Home Christmas Gift Ideas

Make-at-Home Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas time is nearly upon us and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about making your Christmas presents! Long before the panic buying socks sets in, check out these great (and super easy) homemade Christmas Gift Ideas to impress your loved ones this year:

Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic Bag

Quick and easy to whip up in bulk, create stylish gifts for your girly best friends, and fill them with make-up treats! You can also consider gifting a Personalised Swimsuit to treat your girly best friends.

All you need is 1 large rectangle of fabric and a zip. Pin on the zip to one edge of the fabric right sides together; use a zip foot to sew. Pin on the second side right sides together and sew. Make sure you open the zip half way so you can turn it out and sew up the sides. Cut off the corners and you are done!

If you are a bit more experienced think about adding a lining or wrist tab.

We think the super soft Textured Black and White Banana Fabric would be fabulous!


Fabric Notebook Cover

Notebook Cover

Notebooks are always handy Christmas gifts but you can make it extra special by creating your own notebook cover to go with it!

Open out the note book. The cover needs to be 10cm wider on each side to create the pockets and 2 cm longer on the bottom and top.

Cut your 2 sides (Add a layer of felt or wadding in the middle to make it more robust!)

Pin right sides together and sew leaving a gap. Cut off the corners and turn the right way out and blind stitch the gap. Fold over your notebook to test how big the flaps need to be, then top stitch them in place! Simple.

We’ve used the tree of life hand block cambric for this example.


Wash Set

Wash Set

Make someone special a stunning personalised wash set. We have some really luxurious organic towelling, to make face towels cut in squares 30cm and hem or even better, bind with a contrasting cotton. To make it even more special you could embroider their initials on to one corner!


Microwaveable Hand Warmers


A great little stocking filler everyone willthank you for in the bitter winter months. Just get yourself a big bag of wheat or rice. Cut 2 pieces of fabric to any shape you fancy, pin and sew right sides together leaving a gap. Turn out the right way and fill (not too full) with the filling and blind stitch the gap!

Add a few sprigs of lavender to give a soothing scent. Put in the microwave for 30 seconds to heat up and they can be popped in your pocket for all of the cold winter mornings.

Make them even more super snuggley by using one of our organic velvets!


Fabric Wreath


Once you are finished your crafty presents you can use the left over fabrics to create a beautiful fabric wreath. Find yourself some wire to create your circle or an if you have one an old hose pipe works perfectly, cut and tape into a circle. Cut your fabric scraps into thin lengths and knot onto your circle. The fuller the better!


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