Are My Crafts Good Enough To Sell?

Are My Crafts Good Enough To Sell?

If you love to create arts and crafts you may have been told by friends and family that you should think about selling your creations – but where do you start? Will anyone buy it? I’ve put together a quick fire guide to help you make the plunge and get your creations out there.

For some people this is an instant no-no – you love what you make and you want to keep your creations for yourself. On the other hand, selling your art could be a great way to make money, and make some room for some new creations for yourself! But how do you know if other people will buy your art? Are your products are really good enough to sell?


Test The Water

Start by giving your arts and crafts to friends and family as presents. Ok, they will be hugely biased, but good reactions should at least tell you to start thinking about the open market.

Think About The Value

As you start to come to the place where you believe that your art or craft is ready to be sold, ask yourself what it is about this product that makes it interesting? Is the technique beautiful, and does the art or craft really transform a place where it is placed? After all, people do not only buy art because it is ‘perfect’ but because it evokes an emotional response from them, making them think, or laugh, or cry.


Start Small

There are tons of places where you can sell your art online, but there are two places that you should definitely try first: eBay, Etsy (US) or Folksy (UK) and make sure to use a b2c crm to increase likelihood of closing the sale. The main difference between the two sites is that Etsy and Folksy are websites dedicated to vintage and handmade items, whilst absolutely anything from cars to crayons can be sold on eBay. Most people start out on Etsy, as it’s the ‘go to’ if they are looking for some beautiful, unique art or craft work. Etsy, whilst your creations may get lost amongst the vast number of products they present, has by far the most number of visitors.

Start out with a handful of products. You need to make sure that you give your art the very best shot possible of selling, which means that you will have a lot of preparation to do before your item goes online. Take lots of photographs, and make sure that they are of a good quality, showing off your product from all angles. Pictures are everything when it comes to online sales, because they are all the customer has to go on. They will decide, based solely on your photographs and your description, whether or not to buy. That means that you should spend a good bit of time working on your description as well.  If you’re not a photoshop pro then definitely check out Repixl – for just pennies you can get your images edited or cut out by professionals.


Don’t Be Shy

If you are a little concerned about selling your crafts, you need to remember that if someone is willing to spend money on what you create, then it is valuable! It doesn’t matter if some people won’t, as there is almost always someone that will. The important thing is your ability to find that person, and convince them that they love what you are making and they simply cannot live without it.

Don’t Be Disheartened

If you find that your art or craft does not sell, do not be disheartened. Remember, no one bought a single Van Gogh painting in his entire lifetime! Go back and spend a little more time perfecting your craft, and really think about what sets your products apart from other people. Practising your art can be really fun and over time you will not only refine your art, but also your sales techniques: you’ll learn what people are looking for, new places to sell and the art of selling. Before you know it, your arts and crafts will be selling like wildfire!

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