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Zero Waste Winter Wonderland – Beautiful Ways To Use Scraps

Zero Waste Winter Wonderland – Beautiful Ways To Use Scraps

I find the winter holidays the perfect time to get creative and use up all of my fabric scraps – particularly with all the presents I make! So I thought I’d get our creative juices flowing by asking our zero waste expert, Franki Campbell, if she has any nifty tricks up her sleeve for creating some beautiful, festive creations and use up some of those darned scraps!

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How To Use Scraps and Fabric Remnants This Festive Season

By Franki Campbell

It’s coming up to the winter holidays and I’ve been thinking about being a bit more economical with my resources. Over the years I have collected lots of bits of scrap fabric, some inherited from my Grandmother, other bits left over from work projects, in the spirit of Zero Waste I am adamant they will not end up in landfill.

So this holiday, how about looking at the variety of different presents and decorations that can be created, here are a few links to some fab tutorials that will get you started:

Christmas Decorations

from Noodlehead’s Liberty Scrap Challenge: Christmas Edition

Use Up Scraps


from Trash Backwards’ Trash Hacker: Fabric Scraps into Tiny Dolls

Dolls from Scraps


from Made By Joel’s DIY Fish Toy

Toy from Scraps


Rag Rugs

From Everyday Art’s DIY Handmade Rag Rug Tutorial

Rag Rug using scraps

Mini bunting

from So Resourceful’s Project Fifty Seven: Adorable Mini Bunting from my Fabric Scraps

Bunting Made Of Scraps


from Cluck Cluck Sew’s Tutorial: Scrap Buster Fall Pillow

Pillowcase of Scraps

Craft Packs

from Serving Pink Lemonade’s Finger Puppet Kit (this one is great for the kids that love to make!)

Finger Puppets with Scraps

Dolls Quilts

from Sew Mama Sew’s Scrap Buster Project

Quilt using scraps


If after all the creativity you still have lots of scraps (or have created more, even tinier bits) then how about stuffing your dolls, toys or cushions with them? I like to shred mine with a rotary cutter (be careful of fingertips), but ripping can be quite fun too.

If you’ve got everything sorted present wise and you just need to make some space, bag up everything that someone else may be able to use, you may want to sell these bags on eBay – the money could either go to the present fund or to your favourite cause. You can also donate it to the local scrap store or a local school may be grateful for it, anything to keep the kids entertained, or finally, send them over to Offset Warehouse, where they’ll give them to a fabulous new home for just 50p a bag (to cover the admin and warehouse expenses).

At the end of all of this you should have a wonderful array of personal presents, a home full of handmade decorations, and the great feeling of Christmas spirit, making the world just a little bit better.

For a few more ideas head over to my Pinterest board ‘Scrap Fabric’.


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