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Adorable Matching Mummy and Baby Drawstring Trousers

Adorable Matching Mummy and Baby Drawstring Trousers

I love baby clothes with a little bit of sophistication, so for my friend’s baby shower recently, I decided to sew a matching pair of Mummy and Baby trousers that they can both lounge around in, while looking super chic and super cute simultaneously. The second I gave them to her, I realized I should have done a Daddy pair too… so I’d recommend making a pair of those as well if you have time!


  • Drawstring pants pattern or a pair of mummy and baby trousers to copy.
  • Fabric scissors
  • Cello tape
  • 3 metres fabric (lightweight cotton – I used Offset Warehouse zig zag blue organic cambric)
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Machine needles and coordinating thread
  • Pins
  • 1.5 metres twill tape
  • Large safety pin
  • Pattern paper / newspaper if you’re making your own

Mummy Drawstring Trouser Instructions

1. Wash, dry, and press the fabric. Fold the fabric, right sides facing, so that the fold is along the length of the fabric (selvages touching).

2. PRINTABLE PATTERN STEPS  Print pattern template, tape pieces together with clear tape, and cut out. Cut out the pattern, following the lines for desired size.

– OR –

2. COPY PATTERN STEPS  Lay your trousers over your pattern paper (in my case, some old newspaper). Spread the front panel totally flat, being careful not to stretch the fabric out of shape. Draw around this piece where the sew line is.  Straighten up your lines with a ruler and add a 1cm seam allowance around the sides and a 6cm seam allowance on the top and bottom. Repeat for the back panel.

Making drawstring trousers

Making drawstring trousers

Making drawstring trousers

 Place the pattern pieces on the fabric and cut out.

4. & 5. EASIER: NORMAL SEAMS  Place the front and back pieces together, right sides facing; pin and sew the sides together with a centimeter seam allowance. Press open the seams, finish the edges with a zigzag stitch, and press them open again. Do the same for the inseam.

Place the 2 front pieces together, right sides facing, and pin along the crotch seam; sew them together with 1cm seam allowance. Press open the seam allowance and finish the edges with a zigzag stitch.

– OR –

4. & 5. HARDER: FRENCH SEAMS  I‘m personally not a fan of being able to see raw edges, so I used a French seam. This requires the panels to be stitched wrong sides together. Start with the side seams and inseams. Press very well. Re-stitch the panels right sides together, therefore enclosing the raw edges. For the side and inseams, I recommend stopping your re-stitch one cm from the end and cutting away excess bulk from this area before attaching the crotch.

Do the same for the crotch.  NOTE this makes the seams very bulky when you are creating your waistband, so French seams are only advised with a lightweight fabric. Or you can make a detachable waistband.

Making drawstring trousers

Wrong sides together for French seams!

Next we need to create the holes for the tape to run through.  I used some rivets which can be quite tricky and I would recommend practicing! But you could equally add some button holes with a sewing machine.  Remember to place your button holes in the centre of your channel (don’t forget that 3cm will be folded under and topstitched down), so your rivets or buttonholes should be approximately 4 – 4.5cm from the top the trouser fabric.  For safety measure, I pressed a 1cm seam allowance (towards the inside of the trouser), and then folded and pressed another 2cm (towards the inside of the trouser). This will show you exactly where you will be topstitching and also allow you to see where the rivets will look best.

7. With the trousers inside out, we need to sew down the waistband that we pressed in the last step, and therefore create a channel around the waistband for a drawstring.  If the pressing has come out from all your rivet / button holing, fold and press the top edge down 1cm, then fold and press again 2.5 centimeters. Edge-stitch along the double-fold’s lower edge on the inside of the trouser. Attach a safety pin to one end of the twill tape, and feed the tape through the channel.

8. To hem the trousers, put them on. Mark the hem you’d like, then make a mark  below this initial mark. Cut away any fabric below the lower mark. Make a double hem: Fold edge over 10 cm again. Press, pin, and edge-stitch.

Baby’s Drawstring Trouser Instructions

For matching baby trousers I couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I copied a sweet pair that I found in a charity shop, using the same copy pattern technique that I’ve outlined above. I followed the same steps as above, but for the waistband (number 6) I created a detached waistband and added a thick piece of elastic in the back (actually trickier than you think!) This also meant increasing the waistband size slightly to accommodate the width.  I also added a bit of detailing on the front by appliqueing two small rectangles with the same herringbone tape as Mummy’s trousers in the front.  They’ll help to secure the trousers a little, but they’re really for decoration… a “faux” drawstring if you will!

Here’s mummy (on the right – thank you very much!) with the pressies! All in all, a really fun sewing project. A little fiddly with the french seams and elasticated waistband, but super sweet and very happy with them overall.

Making drawstring trousers for babies

Me with mummy to be – bump cleverly hidden… but looks like they’ll fit!


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