The Best Places To Sell Your Unwanted Clothes Online

The Best Places To Sell Your Unwanted Clothes Online

Selling unused and old clothes online has never been simpler, and it can bring in much needed cash whilst giving you back all that space!

Whether you have made something that doesn’t quite fit, or bought something you never wear, most of us have tons of unused clothes just lying around at home. Instead of letting them take up valuable closet space and cluttering up your life, or doing the unimaginable and throwing them away leaving them to seep their toxic chemicals into landfill and contribute to global warming (…sorry, a bit of a sore subject!), why not sell them?

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Here’s a quick guide to some of the different websites that I love, that are perfect for selling your unused clothes. They all offer something slightly different, and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t sell on more than one of them:

1. Etsy

Known around the world for being the best website for selling handmade crafts, just because you can wear your designs doesn’t mean that you can’t sell them here! Millions of people visit the Etsy website each month, which means that there are many potential customers just waiting for you.

2. Unioncy

If you are looking for simple, then look no further than Unioncy. Dedicated to giving power back to the people, you can buy and sell with just one simple click on this website – and who could ask for more? It is really well organised too, because you can keep receipts online, and receive an instant valuation of your unused clothes.

3. MISI – Buy and Sell Handmade Gifts

One of the things that I love most about MISI is that there are forums here that you can join, so that you can chat with other people making incredible things too. It can become quite isolating, making and selling things from home, so why not join the community on here whilst you make your money?

Where to sell old clothes online

Forget about the old hit and miss car boot sale. Make your money without even leaving the house!


4. Shopify

This website is perfect for you if you make your own clothes and have a particular brand or style that you want to promote. Instead of just selling your items individually through someone else’s website, with Shopify you can create your own online shop! This means that people will know that it is you creating the clothes, and you may even get a following.

5. Opitect

This is a relatively new website, so it is slightly untried and untested. On the positive side, that means that you are more likely to stand out as you have less competition. It is also currently free to sell on Opitect, which means that you can receive absolutely all of your profits from your sales. Big bonus.

6. Modabound

Too much hassle to upload and fill in endless pages? Don’t fret – there’s an app for that! It is called Modabout, and you can post and sell items here to people that live close to you in your local area. You may even find some bargains yourself that you simply cannot resist!

7. Ezebee

This website is international, which is a bit of a double-edged sword; you can reach a huge international market, and sell your unused clothes to people that you would never dream of being able to contact before . . . but you are also now in competition with the whole world (ok, an exaggeration, but you get my drift). You can work directly with the buyers here, so it is a great way to build up some reputation.


So there you have it. Hopefully one or two (or three!) of these website have caught your eye, and you have already thought of some unused clothes that you have that you could bear to part with. All you need to do now is get selling!

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