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Shhhh… Super Easy Printing Technique Revealed!

Shhhh… Super Easy Printing Technique Revealed!

Offset Warehouse resident eco fabric whizz, Jaime, shows us an amazingly easy printing technique we can do at home! Why not have a go, and make a super effective birthday present, housewarming notion or a Valentine’s Day gift?  Would love to see what you create!

The secret ingredient to this printing technique is something called freezer paper. No that’s not a trick name, it is paper for your freezer. You’ll find it in all big supermarkets among the greaseproof paper and tinfoil, or online here. (No, I’m not sure how you’re meant to use it in your freezer either… But, it’s great for crafting!)

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Printing 1

As well as freezer paper, you will also need:

Step 1

Using your pencil, draw your design onto the non-shiny side of the freezer paper.


Step 2

Stick down the corners of the freezer paper with tape to your cutting mat, then carefully cut out the shapes.


Step 3

Once you’ve finished cutting, place the template over your fabric. Shiny side down.


Step 4

Iron the freezer paper onto the fabric. It should stick!


Step 4

Place something squishy underneath your fabric and get your paint ready, you can either use a roller or dab with a sponge.



Step 5

Carefully apply the paint to the fabric. (Note – the ink will probably go through, so be careful.)


Step 6

Wait for the paint to dry then peel off the freezer paper! You can re-use the freezer paper at least one more time, maybe twice – just be wary of getting paint on your iron.

DSC_0052 - Copy

Step 7

To fix the paint, iron over the top. Again if you’re worried about your iron, cover with a cloth or iron on the underside of your fabric.


Step 8

Valentine’s Printed Heart – Done!


How easy was that?

Now, what you turn your print into is up to you! How about a fabric scrap book cover and you could fill it will lovely pictures, or personalised kitchen textiles like tea towels or oven gloves? Perhaps a lovely wall hanging or…. a simple cushion like this:

Step 1

Choose a fabric for the back.


Step 2

Cut out your two fabrics into heart shapes.


Step 3

Pin right sides together and sew leaving a gap! Once sew clip the curves…


Step 4

Turn out the right way, stuff and blind stitch the gap and it’s done!


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