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Cheeky Way To Make Bunting

Cheeky Way To Make Bunting

I love a bit of bunting, but I HATE monotonous sewing. Call me lazy, but if there’s a quick and easy way to put something together, then I’m all for it!  So here’s my quick way to make bunting.

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  • Two pieces of pre-washed fabric of the same size – any size will work as you can choose the size of the flags or triangles. The more fabric you have, the more flags you can make (remember that you’ll need fabric for the front and back of the triangles).
  • Double-sided interfacing
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Herringbone tape at least 2cm wide, or bias binding, as long as you’d like it to reach (I’d say about 12 feet, or three metres)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Ruler
  • Pen

1. Cut the interfacing to 2cm within your fabric pieces.

Making Bunting

2. Sandwich the interfacing in between your fabrics – wrong sides next to the interfacing.

Making Bunting

3. Iron the interfacing. You’ll need a little bit of steam to loosen up the glue, then lots of pressure and heat.

Making Bunting

4. Using a ruler, work out the size of your bunting flags on a piece of paper. I would recommend looking at the design against your herringbone tape, as you don’t want ginormous triangles with teeny tape! Once you’ve drawn out your triangles, cut one out that you can use as your template. The trick is to draw two parallel lines the depth of your triangles. Then you can draw the individual triangles within this line and there will be no waste – you can see how I’ve done this below.

Quick Make Bunting

5. Cut out your triangles. The beauty here is that the interfacing will stop your bunting from fraying! Also, each line you cut is the side of two triangles – so that makes cutting even quicker too!

Quick Make Bunting

6. Collect your triangles and count them up. With this number, you can work out the spacing you’d like in between each triangle based on the length of your tape. Don’t forget, it’s nice to leave a bit of extra space at each end for tying.

Quick Make Bunting

7. Iron your herringbone tape or bias binding in half. Enclose the bias binding around your triangles and pin in place. Tip: measure the gaps between each triangle, so you have professional, equal gaps when you string them together.

8. Using your sewing machine, edge stitch the herringbone, catching the triangles.

Quick Make Bunting

Et Voila!  All you need to do now is find a beautiful place to hang them and enjoy! If you particularly like my organic hand block print fabric choice, you can pick these particular ones up for yourself here: Chakra Hand Block Cambric and Tree of Life Cambric!

Quick way to make bunting

Quick way to make bunting

Quick Way To Make Bunting


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