The Best Fashion Revolution Day Events – Get Involved!

The Best Fashion Revolution Day Events – Get Involved!

Fashion Revolution Day is almost upon us. The 24th April 2015 marks the two year anniversary of the devastating Rana Plaza Factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured. They were making clothes for high street retailers.

Fashion Revolution Day is now an annual event that commemorates those who died and aims to stop something like this from ever happening again.

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Their Mission:

“We believe in fashion – an industry which values people, the environment, creativity and profits in equal measure, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that this happens.”

Fashion Revolution Day brings everyone in the fashion value chain together and helps to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Fashion Revolution Day.  Here are some top tips and a roundup of my favourite events, to help you decide how you can get involved this year!

Ask Who Made my Clothes?


The easiest way to get involved is to simply spread the world on social media! Last year, thousands and thousands of people tweeted, emailed and pestered brands to find out where their clothes were made… very few got answers. This year we’re taking to our emails and social media again, to ask “Who Made My Clothes?”

Get in contact with brands and ask them ‘Who Made My Clothes‘, to discover the real people throughout the supply chain. “

Post a selfie wearing an item of clothing inside out on all social media platforms and ask the brands “Who Made My Clothes?”. Make sure you include the hashtag #FashRev and #whomademyclothes – and make sure you tell us if you get an answer!


There are countless events happening all over the world – from swaps, to protests, to workshops. You can see the full list on the website, but here are our highlights and personal favourites to get you through:

  • US – New York
  • UK – London
  • France – Paris
  • Germany – Berlin
  • Italy – Venice
  • Luxembourg – Diekirch
  • Poland – Katowice
  • Thailand – Chiang Mai


Earth Day New York 2015

April 19 @ 12:00 pm7:00 pm Union Square, New York

Hear from Fashion Revolution representatives and Zady. They will be informing consumers of the connection between fashion and the environment. Event is free and open to the public, and will also will include dozens of exhibitors representing environmental campaigns and green businesses, a sharing economy exhibition, a book swap, a green vehicle exhibition, live performances, and kids’ activities. ​


Who Made My Clothes? Panel Discussion on Policy Change

April 20 @ 7:00 pm8:30 pm | £10 Somerset House, London

At Somerset House in London join Chair Baroness Lola Young, panellists  Sarah Ditty (Head of the Policy team at Fashion Revolution and Source Editor at Ethical Fashion Forum) Mike Gidney (CE at The Fairtrade Foundation) and Safia Minney (CEO of People Tree) talking about the impact Fashion Revolution has had over the past two years, with a focus on policy change.

Rana Plaza 2 Years On – Long Road to Justice Walking Tour

April 23 @ 6:30 pm7:30 pm Oxford Street, London

Organised by: Labour Behind the Label & War on Want. Supported by: Fashion Revolution, Rainbow Collective, The Brick Lane Debates. Join them on the eve of the 2nd anniversary of the Rana Plaza Disaster as they tour the high street brands behind fashions’ dirty secret.

Designer Jumble – Pop Up

April 24 @ 12:00 pm7:00 pm Marble Arch, London

Designer Jumble is a popup shop with a conscience, selling secondhand designer clothes & accessories at affordable prices.

Sew Solidarity Live

April 24 @ 2:30 pm5:00 pm TRAID, Peckham, London.

Taking place at  TRAID  Bring along a garment from home that you would like to repair, alter or completely transform with a Made In Bangladesh label attached. If it’s not Made In Bangladesh but made by a retailer or brand that produces in Bangladesh this qualifies. The workshop is free, just go along with your item for repair or customisation and  #sewsolidarity for Fashion Revolution Day.

Clotho: Fashion Hackathon

April 24 @ 6:00 pmApril 25 @ 9:00 pm Google Campus, London

A fashion Hackathon at Google Campus – getting together young designers to help them upcycle some of our old stock into lovely new items. Clotho have a whole bunch of clothes that they can’t list in their shop, so they are setting up a sustainable sewing factory for 24 hours only. Anyone can attend, but it will help if you know how to sew.

“Once we have a room full of artists, designers and creators we will turn these unwanted clothes into new pieces that are special and unique.  We will provide sewing machines, tools and materials. We’ll even provide some tasty and sustainable snacks to help fuel your creativity and ensure good vibes.  You just need to bring along yourself and your imagination.”


Je Veux Savoir

April 24 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm, 26 bis rue Saint Petersbourg, Paris, 75008 France

A day of sharing with lectures and workshops at L’Archipel. The event will centre around fashion setbacks, including discussions about manufacturing, irresponsible treatment of workforce and the environment and the complexity of global supply chains.

Venez participer à une journée de partage autour de conférences et d’ateliers à L’Archipel ! Retrouvons-nous le 24 avril pour réfléchir au revers de la mode, nous interroger sur ceux qui la fabriquent et aux atteintes portées à l’homme et à l’environnement tout au long de ce processus complexe, impliquant de nombreuses opérations de par le monde


Siebdruck -Workshop

April 24 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm | €1, Fehrbelliner Str. 92, Berlin, 10119 Germany

For just €1, join Leila with a silk-screen workshop. After sewing up bags with fabric scraps, you are then taught how to screen print them (and any other t-shirts etc you bring along) with this year’s slogan: Who made my clothes?

Der Leila nimmt dieses Jahr mit einer Siebdruck-Aktion am Fashion Revolution Day teil. Wir nähen aus Stoffresten Taschen und bedrucken sie. Außerdem können T-shirts und alle sonstigen Stoffe nach Herzenslust mit dem diesejährigen Slogan verziert werden: Who made my clothes? Damit die Opfer der Katastrophe von Rana Plaza nicht vergessen werden.


Cre-ta & MUGnMAG Evening Of Fashion & Music

April 24 @ 8:30 pm – April 25 @ 4:00 am

In honor of fashion revolution day, MUGnMAG, the web magazine and creative solutions company are joining forces with Cre-ta to put on an evening. The evening will begin at 20:30, with video projections and DJ set until late.

MUGnMAG web magazine & creative solutions, in collaborazione con Cre-ta, presso l’ex Caserma “dei Mui” di Cassola (a pochi km da Bassano del Grappa), organizzano una serata in onore del FASHION REVOLUTION DAY. Quella sera gli ospiti potranno farsi fotografare con un indumento al contrario, in pieno stile Fashion Revolution! La serata comincerà alle ore 20.30, con proiezioni di video e deejay set fino a notte fonda.


Round Table With Key Industry Leaders

May 21 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm, Place Des Ecoles, Diekirch, Diekirch 9226 Luxembourg

What is the situation of textile producers in the North and the South? Why is textile production so bad? Is it the responsibility of the consumer to ensure the safety of the manufacturers that make their products These issues will be focus of the debate. Free to attend, the attendees include:

* Mr Romain Schneider, Minister for Cooperation
* Mrs. Eva Ferranti, a tailor in Luxembourg and Geneva
* Gilbert Brosius, CEO of Callisto
* Karel Lambert, project initiator AKA-BO Fashion Truck
* Daniela Ragni, The Campaign for Fashion Victims Caritas Luxembourg
* Jean-Louis Zeien, president of Fairtrade Lëtzbuerg

Quelle est la situation des producteurs de textiles au Nord et au Sud ? Quelles sont les constraintes auxquelles les acteurs du textile doivent faire face dans un marché globalisé ? Quelle est la responsabilité des consommateurs et des pouvoirs publics dans de défi d’une production socialement responsable ? Ces questions seront au centre du débat auquel participeront.


Fashionably Aware – MODNIE ŚWIADOMI

April 24 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm, BO TAK WegePrzestrzeń, Katowice, Polan

 A day with Bagabaga, a brand created locally, with socially responsibility at its core. With full access to their studios, Bagabaga will show you how they create their products and then you can try your hand at sewing your own jute bags (with coffee of course!). Finally, take part in the global protest, of reversing your clothes and being photographed by professional photographers.

BAGABAGA tworzy lokalnie, a szanując innych – szanujemy siebie. Co proponujemy tego dnia? Zobacz, jak wygląda proces tworzenia u BAGABAGA. Nasze projekty powstają w pracowni przy Tymienieckiego. Możesz zwiedzić pracownię, zobaczyć, jak pracujemy. Nie mamy nic do ukrycia 😉 Tego dnia będziemy szyć torby z worków jutowych po kawie z Jaga Cafe. we współpracy z firmą Impall, która użyczy nam fantastycznych maszyn domowych Juki.  Usiądź do maszyny. Sprawdź ile czasu i jakich umiejętności wymaga szycie. Zobacz, co stoi za ceną tworzonych w ten sposób rzeczy.


Afternoon Of Lectures & Panel Discussions

April 24 @ 1:30 pm – 9:00 pm, Livraria da Vila, Galeria Shopping Campinas, Campinas

Sink your teeth into an afternoon of discussion and workshops. Admission is free, so please do invite your friends. Panelists include:

Rubbo – School of Fashion and Design
Que Chuchu! Vintage Fashion
Entrelinhas Consultoria
Ana Vaz – Personal Image

Em um evento gratuito e aconchegante, a equipe do Brasil convida para apresentar a proposta do movimento, com muitas conversas e exposições inspiradoras, e conversar com profissionais da área que já fazem diferente. A entrada é livre, convide seus amigos!

Empresas Participantes:
Rubbo – Escola de Moda e Manualidade
Que Chuchu! Moda Vintage
Entrelinhas Consultoria
Ana Vaz – Imagem Pessoal


“From sex worker to seamstress: The high cost of cheap clothes” – Documentary Screening

April 24 @ 9:30 pm, Sangdee Gallery, 5 Sirimankhalajarn Soi 5, Chiang Mai, 50200

Join WFTO-Asia as they watch the Vice documentary, “From Sex Worker to Seamstress: The High Cost of Cheap Clothes.”   Participants are encouraged to join the national movement to wear their clothes with the tag showing, or inside-out on this day and ask the brand who made it #whomademyclothes on social media. A photo booth, DJ session and more activities to be included. Everyone is welcome!


Hold your Own Event

Even better, if you have an idea for your local area, just go for it! Remember to contact Fashion Revolution Day about it so they can add your event to their list.


What We’re Doing At Offset Warehouse


We’ll be joining the action on social media! Tag us in all your amazing inside-out photos, and we’ll message you back if you’ve won one of loads of these Still Alive T-shirts. Loads of t-shirts to give out, and we’ll be donating them to you throughout the day.

We’ll also have a special report answering the question, “Who Made Our Fabrics?”.  Don’t forget, knowing who made your clothes doesn’t start with the garment, it right from the raw material that creates the fabric. We’ll be highlighting the importance of asking the question of who made my fabrics as well!


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