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The Best Creative Craft Books For Modern Makers

The Best Creative Craft Books For Modern Makers

Long gone are the days when knitting and crocheting was only a task for grannies! Now getting involved in craft is not only something done by people of all ages – and genders – but in totally different, new, and exciting ways. What about adding some activism into to your crafting? Guerilla knitting and political embroidery are the new face of craft!

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As you can see, crafting has got creative, and in ways that many people a decade ago simply could never have imagined. That means that people who are both old and new to crafting are able to learn something fabulous that they never knew they could do. However, it can be hard to know where to start! Which is why I’ve put together this short guide to some of the best creative craft books for the modern maker. Each have their own merits, but I would highly recommend them all. Let us know which is your favourite!

Material World: The Modern Craft Bible by Perri Lewis

material world
One of the great things about this ‘Bible’ is that Perri Lewis has taken the time not only to research every single craft and arty discipline that she writes about, but she also goes directly to the source, chatting to experts in each field to get their perspective.

Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design by Faythe Levine

handmade nation
If you ever want to be truly inspired for your own crafting, then look no further than this incredible book – which also comes with a documentary. By collaborating with artists up and down the country, Faythe has explored exactly what it means to be a crafter through websites, boutiques, galleries, and craft fairs, giving you plenty of food for thought.

Craft-a-Doodle: 75 Creative Exercises from 18 Artists by Jenny Doh

Sometimes the best crafting work that a person ever does, started from a small and insignificant doodle! I have never seen so much creativity packed into such a small space, but the artists and crafters that have worked with Jenny Doh have really opened up our eyes to the ways that we can be inspired by the smallest things.

Rebecca Ringguist’s Embroidery Workshops: A Bend-the-Rules Primer by Rebecca Ringguist


For those of us who have always wanted to be able to go to one of Rebecca Ringguist’s famous embroidery classes, there is the chance to gain from her immense knowledge from the comfort of your own home. We love the way that Rebecca takes people through the stages of learning step by step, ensuring everyone can enjoy what they make.

Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism by Betsy Greer


Craft + Activism = Craftivsm. A new wave of crafters are on the scene and they are not quietly crafting in the corner! Not a craft book in the traditional sense of the term but this is a great book for craftivsim inspiration. The focus is on an 33 distinct craftivist voices from around the world,  “By showing how different people interpret the construct of craftivism, this book also works towards helping others use their own unique talents as a force for good.”

A Little Book of Craftivism by Sarah Corbett

We used to think of crafting as something that a person did at home, but no longer! Sarah Corbett’s book builds upon the amazing work done by Betsy Greer, and challenges us – and hopefully you – to consider crafting outside the relative safety of your own homes, with the craft built around a social justice issue. By talking to passers by and introducing them both to the craft and to the cause, you get craftivism.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed the selection of craft books for modern makers – there were many more that I wanted to include, but I simply didn’t have the space! Is there a book that you’ve read that you think we should have mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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