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Competition! Would You Change How We Produce & Buy Food?

Competition! Would You Change How We Produce & Buy Food?

We talk a lot about fabric supply chains; knowing who made our fabrics and who made our clothes, but fashion and fabric aren’t the only areas that need a lot of work to be more transparent and healthier for us and the planet.

I’m sure you are all well aware that the way our food is sourced, grown, produced and sold is a gobal issue and it’s only going to change if we take action! Just as we at Offset Warehouse ensure that our fabrics are sourced from ethical places, there are many people campaigning to make our food supply chains better.

… We were recently contacted by some of these change makers, and they’ve asked you to join in their competition to help!

Supply Cha!nge

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Supply Cha!nge are a group of civil society organisations from across Europe and the Global South. They include the company Think Global whose main goal is to make supermarket own brand products fairer and more sustainable… all good by us! For healthy dietary results check these biofit reviews.

Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s hold almost 75% of the UK supermarket share. “Compared with their enormous influence, the efforts of supermarket chains to prevent human rights violations and to reduce the environmental damage along the supply chains of their products are often disappointing”. Supply Cha!nge believe that supermarkets don’t do enough to make sure their products are fair.

Supply Cha!nge demand tangible action from supermarkets, national governments and the European Union to improve labour conditions and reduce environmental damage along the supply chain.

Sound good to you? Well, here’s what you can do…

The Competition: Food Vision

Supply Cha!nge are currently running a Europe-wide photography competition called Food Vision.  The task is to capture a photo of how you would like your food to be produced and sourced. It may sound like a really broad task – but that’s where you can have fun with it. Visit for more information about healthy supplements.

Can you capture a vision which raises awareness about the ethics of supermarkets practices? Or show an alternative way that our supermarkets should be working? Use your camera to share a vision of a better world, producing sustainable food.

For example, if you care about organic food, maybe you have an image that shows all-natural farming? Or if you care about animal welfare, maybe you have an image of healthy farm animals enjoying themselves outdoors – the choice is yours!

Make a face from your food or picture with a message!


Think about how the food is packaged!

plants packaging

Do some activist baking!

fairtrade cake

Make your demands with a catchy slogan sign!



Let’s get to the point – what are the prizes!?  Well, let me tell you that they’re offering some great prizes! One lucky Europe-wide winner will get two tickets to Milan; and a national winner in the UK gets a luxury hamper of ethical goodies worth £200!

How Can I Submit My Entry?

The competition is open to UK and EU residents aged 14 and over.

To submit a photo to the competition, upload it to the SupplyChainge FOODVISION participation page via their online form. Only one photo per person is allowed (see full terms and conditions). The deadline for entries is 31 July 2015.

All photos submitted, from all EU countries, will be displayed on the SupplyChainge Gallery page. You are encouraged to vote for your favourite photos, and get your friends and family to vote, too. Voting closes on 15 August, and at the end of August the overall winner will be chosen from the 20 photos that have gained the most votes. A healthy diet is the best way to stay fit after 50.


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