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Frankie’s Zero Waste Skirt Tutorial

Frankie’s Zero Waste Skirt Tutorial

We haven’t heard from zero waste extraordinaire Frankie Campbell in a little while. She’s been a busy bee working on a new, exciting collection! Hopefully we’ll see more of that in the coming months, but for now, here she is with a fabulous zero waste skirt for you to sink your teeth into.

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Zero waste skirt!



Suitable for lightweight fabrics, cotton, georgette, silk, bamboo.  (It gets a little too thick on the waist otherwise.)



Zero waste skirt!
1. Cut 2 x pieces of fabric. Skirt length + 6cm (waist channel) + 2cm (hem)
   by width of fabric.
2. Stitch side seams. 1-1.5cm seam allowance.
3. Hem the skirt. I’ve allowed 2cm, 1cm turned up twice and topstitched.
4. Now, for the waist. Fold down 6cm to the inside of the skirt (you can press for ease). Topstitch through both layers, 1cm in.
5. Elastic: secure the ends together by overlapping and stitching through several times. Slip the elastic under the turned down waste and secure at the side seams.
6. This is a little tricky – sandwich the elastic under the fold, then topstitch through, just at the bottom edge of the elastic. This should be approximately 2cm in from the raw edge.
7. Finish up by turning under the raw edge and topstitching close to the fold.


Tips & Adjustments

a. If you have a fabric that looks good on both sides, why not French seam the side seams and turn the waistband to the outside?

b. Change the depth of the hem, or add a contast band.

c. Make a narrower skirt and just use one rectangle (fabric width needs to = hips + 10cm for this).

frankie 2

Thanks Frankie! And if you’d like to have a whizz at this super easy make, we think these fabrics would work really well:

Chakra Hand Block Cambric


Champagne Hemp Silk


Soft Black & White Hand Woven Stripe Cotton

Black & White Stripe

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  • Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your zero waste skirt tutorial! I’m impressed just how easy it is to make it myself choosing Champagne hemp silk . Your tips really help me a lot as well! Greetings

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