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Anna’s Easy Patchwork Baby Mat

Anna’s Easy Patchwork Baby Mat

The sweetest images of a patchwork baby mat dropped into our Offset Warehouse inbox last week and we just had to share them with all of you!

Anna from A Alicia contacted us with her latest sewing project, a patchwork baby mat and adorable new baby to show it off. The secret is – it’s not really patchwork at all! Anna cleverly used the block print repeat in our Scarlet Hand Block Print fabric and quilted the fabric in between the squares to give a patch work effect.

Such a good idea – We wish we’d thought of it! Here’s how you can make your own like Anna…

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What You Need:

Scarlet Hand Block Print




White Medium Weight Basket Weave Cotton


What to do!


Step 1

Place the two fabrics right sides together then the wadding on the bottom. Pin and sew around the outside – leaving a small gap on one edge.

Step 2

Blind stitch the gap.

Step 3

On your sewing machine sew a straight stitch between all of the squares on the pattern. Quilting all of the layers together! You could also do a stitch around the outside to give it a rim like Anna’s!


A lovely patchwork style baby blanket – and it’s super simple. Busy bee Anna has also recently just released a DIY book. Check it out on her website.

If you have any ideas like Anna of makes to share with fellow Sew Obsessed readers just drop us an email at [email protected].

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