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Day Five of The Big 12-Day Winter Giveaway

Day Five of The Big 12-Day Winter Giveaway

An Amazing Set Of Recycled Candles from the Recycled Candle Company!

It’s the fifth day of our 12-day Big Winter Giveaway and today you have the chance to win a unique set of candles from The Recycled Candle Company!

Big Winter Giveaway Offset Warehouse

HOW TO WIN IT: Head over to our Facebook page to enter. Share and comment on the Big Winter Giveaway post featuring the candles.

The recycled candle company are giving away one large Frosted Rose and Oud candle and a set of three small Winter Spice candles in clear, frosted and black!
Big Winter Giveaway Offset Warehouse

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Want to know more about the Recycled Candle Company? It was created by Richard, the Devon grown eco warrior with a love for candle making and a passion for the environment.

His love for candles grew when he was younger, as the son of a Chelsea flower show floristry medalist mother and a hotelier father, he developed a love for creativity within the beautiful surroundings of his east Devon family hotel.

Richard Hills Ingyon in Studio

Whenever the hotel was quiet his mother would often spend days making soaps, candles, chutney and jams with Richard and his two brothers.

Richard wanted to combine his eco passion and chandler ability to help make the most of the waste that was produced by burning candles. This was where he first had the idea of melting down old candles that were destined for the family bin, in order to recycle the wax, and make new candles.

Big Winter Giveaway Offset Warehouse

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It didn’t take long for Richard to realise the potential in this venture, and it’s positive impact on the environment. Candle wax is not classed as a recyclable material, and due to that, tons of candle wax ends up in landfill every year. Many people may already find great uses for their old candles at home, but many hotels, restaurants, pubs and even cathedrals have no option but to dispose of their vast quantities of candle leftovers in landfill.

By offering a free collection service to these establishments The Recycled Candle Company is able to help reduce the amount of reusable wax making its way to landfill. Many establishments have welcomed the innovative chance to improve their recycling efforts and be a part of this eco efficient waste reduction technique.

Recycled Candle Tools

Once The Recycled Candle Company have collected all the wax, they work tirelessly to clean, filter, scent and re-pour the wax ready for shops and hotels to burn them again. All of the candles are handmade in either Richard’s family home in Devon, or his house in West London. All of their suppliers are based in the UK. Recycled materials are used where ever possible.

Recycled Candlesticks in Studio

All the candles consist of 100% recycled candle wax from all over the UK, and with plans to extend to some collections further afield (environmentally efficient logistics currently in discussion!)

Their finished products include stylish, luxury glass votive candles, Festive Candles, Candle Sticks and an array of made to order moulded freestanding candles.

Big Winter Giveaway Offset Warehouse

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Don’t forget to enter all the other prize draws!  A different prize every day for twelve days on our Facebook page – like our Facebook page so you don’t miss them.

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  • Thank you for the giveaway. I’ve just seen on Facebook that I’ve won. I can’t wait to try the recycled candles, they look fab.

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