Offset Warehouse Eco Fabric Update: White Fair Trade Silks Back In Stock

Offset Warehouse Eco Fabric Update: White Fair Trade Silks Back In Stock

Our Off-White Peace Silk Taffeta and White Silk Organza are back in stock!

Off-White Fair Trade Peace Silk Taffeta

This stunning Off White Peace Silk Taffeta is made entirely by hand in our Fair Trade certified weaving facility in Cambodia. The workers are provided training and have clean and safe working environment, and are all paid a fair wage for their work. Unlike traditional silk manufacture where the silk worms are killed in the making of the thread, “Peace Silk” allows the silkworm to complete its lifecycle, and are allowed to live. The fabric is lightweight and smooth with a beautiful drape and body.

fair trade silkfair trade silkTaffetaTaffetaTaffetaTaffetaTaffeta


White Silk Organza

Our white silk organza is beautifully fine and delicate, while being hard wearing and durable. It has a stunning handle, and a slightly slubby irregular weave, which adds an incredible depth to the fabric. It becomes a cloudy white when layered.  Exclusively hand crafted in the same Fair Trade unit above, we’re absolutely delighted to add it to our range of gorgeous, ethical textiles.





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