Eco Fabric Swatches: New packs now in the shop

Eco Fabric Swatches: New packs now in the shop

Our new swatch packs are in stock! I think you’re going to like them.

We’re all about providing great customer service and one of the things we’ve been asked about is offering similar ecofriendly fabric swatches in ready-made packs, to help you make your all-important fabric decisions. We decided the fabrics that would be best grouped together and have come up with a selection of packs that we think you’ll love!

Offset Warehouse eco friendly fabric Swatch Packs

We always recommend picking up a selection of swatches to compare and contrast, and these new swatch packs are just the ticket. You’ll save bags of time (as we have so many different fabrics to choose from!) And not only that, but with individual samples at £1 each, they’re a great way to save the pennies too. We rarely discontinue lines of our stock, so they’re great to keep on hand to refer to with every new project.

Offset Warehouse eco friendly fabric Swatch Packs

As we’ve only just started (and we weren’t sure how quickly they’d go!) we’re a little low on the packs, so if you are interested in picking some up then please do so soon before they all go – particularly if you have any looming deadlines! Our aim is eventually to have every single fabric available in at least one of the packs.

Click here to pick up your ecofriendly fabric swatch packs!

To sum up:

  • Compare and contrast similar fabrics
  • Save time not scouring our site for certain fabric types
  • Save money – the price of each sample is cheaper than individual swatches
  • Keep them on hand – for any future projects
  • N.b. WE’RE RUNNING OUT! So please get yours soon.

Offset Warehouse eco friendly fabric Swatch Packs


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