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Eco Friendly Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Eco Friendly Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to treat someone you love (or yourself!) to something special. The vast array of throw-away gifts that are typically exchanged, however, puts a bit of a downer on the gesture. If you care about being ecological and protecting the planet, then we have some great eco friendly gifts for you. For mothers day gift baskets, people can check them out here! 

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Something Sweet…

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Everyone loves chocolates, but make sure that yours are Fair Trade. The Rawr Chocolate company ensures that they always pay their farmers a good and fair price for the ingredients that they supply, ensuring that the profits remain in the local community.

The best news? Rawr Chocolate are giving away freebies for Offset Warehouse fans! Head over to our Instagram page for your chance to win a set of these yummy chocolates!

A Splash of Vino


If you would prefer something a little more intoxicating, then you should think about organic wine. Vintage Roots work only with suppliers who use organic methods. Not only does organic mean better for you, but the local birds and insects do not suffer from ingesting insecticides either. They also stock Biodynamic, Natural and Vegetarian and Vegan Wines.


The Perfect Pants

Birdsong London Lingerie

For the person that wants a sexy gift with a difference, try organic underwear from Birdsong London. Aren’t they the sweetest? Also, here are some pet loss gifts that you can consider! Started in August 2014 by a trio of feminist founders, Birdsong sources fairly made fashion, giving 50-85% back to the women who made it, from groups in Malawi to seamstresses on Brick Lane. They also don’t believe in photoshopping their models – which is cool with us. Due to nerves and anxiety some men may suffer from occasional erectile dysfunction under the pressure of Valentine’s day, take a look at the latest bluechew reviews.

Eco Friendly Gifts for Valentine’s Day
Or share the love with some Pant‘s To Poverty underwear. They are completely fairtrade and organic, and their mission is to prove how fashion can change the world for good by bringing you pants that are beautiful from cotton to bottom! Ending poverty with a Valentine’s gift? That sounds pretty awesome to me.

Tasteful Bling

Just Trade Alexandra Necklace

Many men and women love to receive jewellery on Valentine’s Day, but it is often really difficult to know which jewellery companies are actually following ethical guidelines and which are just focused on profits. That is why we would always recommend Just Trade, a company that focus on fairness when they buy and create their jewellery. Just Trade are all about providing a sustainable route to market for struggling fair trade projects in underprivileged areas. The company was born out of first hand contact with real people in the developing world and the recognition that in order for such projects to be sustainable, and to truly lift communities out of poverty, they need a long-term route to market for their goods.

Article 22 Peace is the Bomb Necklace

One of our other current favourites is Article 22 collection, all created from recycled Vietnam War era bombs, plane parts and other aluminium scrap. Each sleek silver piece of jewellery supports artisan livelihoods, village development, and de-mining in Laos. It is estimated that it will take 800 years to clear all unexploded bombs but each necklace purchased helps clear bombs from 5 m² of farmland. That’s a very cool thing to say about your necklace.

Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous Name Tag

And last but not least how about something personalised? This beautiful recycled necklace from Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous is another great choice for those who want to give something sparkly on St. Valentine’s Day. Hand made in Lancashire, the jewellery is made using 100% recycled fine silver. Most of Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous jewellery can be personalised to your specifications, and every purchase is delivered in unique sustainable wood gift packaging and postage is free within the UK!

A Customised Keepsake

Memory Boyfriend Bear

If you have a long distance relationship that means that you don’t often get to see each other, then how about a Forever Memory Bear. Forever memory bears are soft toys made from old clothes of you or your loved one, so you can keep their smell and a comforting reminder of them near-by. This is a gift that wouldn’t be tossed onto a landfill any time soon, and so it makes the perfect ecological and romantic gift for keeping the ones you love close.

A Candle Worth Burning


Nothing makes a St. Valentine’s Day more romantic than candles, but why not set the romantic mood with something a little more green. We love the Recycled Candle Company, who melt down old candles and reform them into gorgeously new scented treats.

dalit candle set

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Or, go for a fair trade beeswax Dalit candle. The profits from all of their products go towards the charity, which helps to build schools and children’s homes in India. The idea for Dalit Goods came about as a result of a trip to India by “Life Association” charity director Simon Hawthorne. Simon fell in love with the people of this amazing country and their children. He also experienced first hand the injustice suffered by the Dalit people.

For over 3000 years the Dalits – or Untouchables – have been positioned at the bottom of India’s society and are subject to the most aggressive and dehumanising abuse. They are born into a culture that devalues them from birth with society considering them lower than animals.

Dalit are also giving you a chance to own these amazing sets of candles over on our Facebook Page!

The Gift of Life


Protect a species that is struggling against the terrible ecological problems by adopting an animal for your loved one. They’ll feel a fabulous warm glow when they realise that their Valentine’s Day gift from you is the chance to save an animal from pain and hunger, and you can choose the type of animal that you want to support on the website.

Couples Classes

Sewing machine

Learning together is a wonderful way to feel closer to your loved one, which is why these St. Valentine’s Day Couples sewing classes are proving so popular! You can create a portrait of your partner at Fabrications that you can then keep – what a brilliant reminder of you and your fun day together! If sewing doesn’t take your fancy, why not try a joint cooking class?

Be Safe

condom Gylde

And if none of the above seem right for you and your loved one . . . then how about an ecological, vegan and Fair Trade pack of GLYDE condoms? Leave them with a St. Valentine’s Day to remember!

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