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Back In Stock Eco Fabrics & Swatches!

Back In Stock Eco Fabrics & Swatches!


Recycled Polyester Satin

(Buy 3 metres for 17% off)
Stunning, heavyweight satin fabric made of 100% recycled polyester (RPet). In a gorgeous creamy ecru colour, this fabric truly glows.


276-002-OTR-2WEB 276-002-OTR-3WEB

Light Blue Handwoven Crossweave

(Buy 3 metres for 21% off)
Sourced from a small weaving village in Northern Thailand, this fabric is woven entirely by hand. It’s a gorgeous, soft fabric and the subtle, tonal colour creates an almost denim look.


276-001-OTR-2WEB 276-001-OTR-5WEB

Deep Indigo Handwoven Crossweave

(Buy 3 metres for 21% off)
Beautiful, soft fabric, yarn-dyed with natural indigo dyes and no chemical mordants. It has virtually no carbon footprint, as the entire process is done by hand and uses no electricity – including spinning and dyeing. Also available in light blue (above right) and light purple.



Cream Peace Silk Organza

(Buy 3 metres for 17% off)
Exclusively hand-crafted in a cooperative in Cambodia, this a beautiful textile with a gorgeous, featherweight feel, and has an absolutely stunning cloudy, ethereal appearance when layered. Made from natural, peace-silk fibres, this fabric boasts an almost zero-carbon production footprint.


N125-Turq-3WEB N125-Turq-10WEB N125-Turq-11WEB

Turquoise Silk Organza

(Buy 3 metres for 17% off)
Luxurious and beautifully delicate hand-woven, silk organza. An amazingly vibrant turquoise when layered, it is exclusively hand-crafted by a cooperative in Cambodia. The fabric is made from natural, peace-silk fibres and boasts an almost zero-carbon production footprint.



Cream Undyed Organic Batist

(Buy 3 metres for 16% off)
Smooth, fine, breathable and lightweight batiste, with a lovely body and flowing drape. The fabric comes undyed, and is ideal for painting and dyeing. Totally organic (certified by GOTS) no pesticides or chemicals were used in it’s production, conserving the environment and protecting the people who produce it.


Swatches9-WEB Swatches11-WEB Swatches15-WEB

Swatches Back In Stock Too!

Your prayers (and ours) have been answered – our swatches are back! Fabric swatches are available for all of our fabrics (except for those in our Bargain Basement). Swatches are dispatched from the UK and we deliver Internationally.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jaime: [email protected]


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