Making Way For New Stock – Last Chance & End Of Line Eco Fabric

Making Way For New Stock – Last Chance & End Of Line Eco Fabric

In a few weeks we’ll be introducing brand new eco fabric into our range – we couldn’t be more excited!

In order to accommodate the new fabrics, we’re making space in our warehouse and we’re clearing out stock. Please do make sure you have bought what you need before it goes. While some of the range is now end of line, most of these fabrics will still be available in wholesale quantities – they simply will no longer be sold by the metre in our UK-based warehouse. The minimum order quantities, “MOQs”, for our wholesale-only range vary according to the fabric, but will start as low as 20 metres up to 80 metres, with lead times from one week to ten (please refer to the chart below for the full breakdown).  All of the following fabrics can be found in the “Last Chance” section on our website.

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Last Chance Eco Fabric From Offset Warehouse

Important: Here is a list of our end of line fabrics. We will no longer be stocking or wholesaling these. Please be sure you have picked up all the quantities you need before they have all gone.

End Of Line Fabrics

One-Sided Organic Cream Flannel Fabric110-013-Flanel-x1
Cream Organic Poplin110-020-POPLIN-CREAM
White Organic Poplin110-021-Poplin-White
Cream Organic Stretch Terry110-022-Terry-Cream
Cream Organic Towelling110-024-Towelling-Cream
White Organic Towelling110-025-Towelling-White
Cream Organic Fleece110-026-Fleece-ecru
Cream Organic Sateen110-027-Sateen-Cream
White Organic Sateen110-028-CottonSateen-White
Laminated & Waterproof Organic Jersey110-041-PUL
Cream Organic Piqué Sportswear Jersey110-043-Piquee-Ecru
Lightweight Organic Denim110-045-Denim-Fine
Heavyweight Organic Denim110-046-Denim-Thick
Indigo Organic Denim Chambray110-047-Denim-Chambray
Cream Striped Organic Cotton Sateen110-048-Sateen-Stripes
Cream Organic Cotton Sherpa Fleece110-063-Plush
Reversible Denim Polkadots140-049
Slubby Organic Single Jersey190-SlubSng-OCSK101
Textured Black & White Cotton Fabric200-017-BlackWeft
Pongee Wild Peace Silk25-005-WPS-Pongee
Rare Crepe Cotton25-013-OC-RareCrepe
Pink & White Organic Stripe Chambray250-W14C-STRIPE
Striped Pistachio Green Organic Chambray250-W15C-STRIPE
Blue & Black Diamond Weave276-015
Light Blue & Mint Diamond Weave276-016

Last Chance Eco Fabric From Offset Warehouse

Here’s a list of the fabrics that will become wholesale only. They are listed here with their minimum order quantities and lead times:

Wholesale Only Fabrics

NAMESKU / FABRIC CODEMinimum Order QuantityLead Time
Black Hemp Silk Charmeuse230-CB-HmpSilk-Black-001802 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Mocha Hemp Silk Charmeuse230-CB-HmpSilk-Brown-003802 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Champagne Hemp Silk Charmeuse230-CB-HmpSilk-Nude-002802 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Charmeuse Satin – Light Weight25-003-SCSF-CharmeuseLight202 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Charmeuse Satin – Medium Weight25-004-SCSF-CharmeuseMedium202 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Super Fine Chiffon25-008-VS-FineChiffon202 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Natural Spun Peace Silk25-009-AS-AHIMSASPUNSILK202 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Hand Woven Peace Silk Satin25-010-HF-IrrWeave202 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Soft Golden Tussah Silk25-011-WPS-GTussah52 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Natural Draped Peace Silk25-016-WPS-EriNATRL202 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Bright Flowing Peace Silk25-017-PRL202 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Paperlike Tussah Silk25-019-WPS-PaperWeight202 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)
Beige Basket Weave Cotton250-C-NDEBasket8012 weeks
Tree of life Hand Block Muslin250-CP3-B558012 weeks
Tree of life Hand Block Cambric250-CP3-T608012 weeks
Tyulipa Organic Hand Block Print250-CP4-B558012 weeks
Scarlet Hand Block Organic Cotton250-CP6-T608012 weeks
Pankha Organic Hand Block Print250-NJ40-T318012 weeks
Vasanta Fairtrade Muslin250-NJ41-B558012 weeks
Vasanta Fairtrade Cambric250-NJ41-T608012 weeks
Hand Block Zig Zag Blue Organic Cambric250-NJ42-T208012 weeks
Wide White Organic Cotton250-OR1-OCWHTTwist8012 weeks
Soft Wide White Organic Cotton250-OR2-OCWHTSingle8012 weeks
Chakra Hand Block Canvas250-PAG3-T208012 weeks
Chakra Hand Block Cambric250-PAG3-T318012 weeks
Smooth White Muslin250-S25-WHTMuslin8012 weeks
White Mediumweight Basket Weave Cotton250-T20-WHTMBasket8012 weeks
White Lightweight Basket Weave Cotton250-T40-WHTLBasket8012 weeks
Heather Purple Handwoven Crossweave276-0038012 weeks
Black & White Handwoven Crossweave276-0048012 weeks
Blue & Harvest Gold Slub Stripe276-0058012 weeks
Light Blue Striped Handwoven Ikat276-0078012 weeks
Dark Blue Flecked Handwoven Ikat276-0088012 weeks
Dark Blue Striped Handwoven Cotton276-0098012 weeks
Stone Grey Striped Cotton276-0108012 weeks
Ebony Diamond Handwoven Ikat276-0138012 weeks
Cream & Black Melange Striped Ikat276-0148012 weeks
Cream Undyed Organic Voile320-018-VOILE-UNDYED1004 weeks
Cream Undyed Organic Poplin320-020-POPLIN-UNDYED1004 weeks
Cream Undyed Organic Sateen320-027-SATEEN-UNDYED1004 weeks
Organic Cotton Wadding – 350gsm320-032-WADDING-3501004 weeks
Cream Undyed Organic Single Jersey320-034-SINGLEJERSEY-UNDYED1004 weeks
Cream Undyed Organic Batist320-055-BATIST-UNDYED1004 weeks
Chocolate Brown Hessian85-Z5712-CHOCO101 Week
Fire Retardant Natural Hessian85-Z5712-FRNATURAL101 Week
Green Hessian85-Z5712-GREEN101 Week
Dark Green Hessian Fabric85-Z5712-GREENDARK101 Week
Light Green Hessian85-Z5712-GREENLIGHT101 Week
Khaki Hessian85-Z5712-MEHANDLIGHT101 Week
Navy Hessian85-Z5712-NAVY101 Week
Off-White Hessian85-Z5712-OFFWHITE101 Week
Olive Hessian85-Z5712-OLIVE101 Week
Orange Hessian85-Z5712-ORANGE101 Week
Red Hessian85-Z5712-RED101 Week
Royal Blue Hessian85-Z5712-ROYALB101 Week
Terracotta Hessian85-Z5712-TERRACOTTA101 Week
Yellow Hessian85-Z5712-YELLOW101 Week
Purple Silk Organza90-Organza-N0541012 Weeks
Turquoise Silk Organza90-Organza-N1251012 Weeks
Grey Peace Silk Organza90-Organza-NO858012 Weeks
Two Tone Purple Peace Silk Organza90-Organza-NO888012 Weeks
Lime Green Raw Silk90-RawSilk-SS1288012 Weeks
Two Tone Pink Peace Silk Taffeta90-Taffeta-SK1658012 Weeks
Two-Tone Teal Silk Taffeta90-ThickTaffeta-SK1538012 Weeks
Mustard Yellow Silk Taffeta90-ThickTaffeta-SK1668012 Weeks
Carnation Pink Thick Taffeta90-ThickTaffeta-SK2438012 Weeks

Last Chance Eco Fabric From Offset Warehouse

As always, we are on hand to help you with any questions you have, so please do get in touch if you require any further information: [email protected]

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