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Get Inspired…Our Favourite Sewing Blogs!!

Get Inspired…Our Favourite Sewing Blogs!!

Every sewing and fashion enthusiast can do with a little extra inspiration from time to time. Fortunately there are some really good online dressmaking bloggers out there who offer creative ideas and valuable guidance through their sewing blogs.

Today, I’ll be introducing you to some of our favourites! They’re the sewing blogs we’ve got bookmarked and always really excited to see their next makes. Take a look at this list, and tell me which of them you already follow and who you’ll be following now – and who I’ve missed!


So Zo What Do you Know?

This blog by Zoe, a self-employed sewing teacher, highlights the importance of sustainable fashion through DIY projects and up-cycling garments. It features sewing tutorials, re-fashion projects and free sewing patterns. The website also hosts the popular annual “Me-Made-May” challenge that encourages participants to create, wear and enjoy the dresses they make. Zoe’s made some absolutely gorgeous baby clothes for her littl’un and a cheeky pair of “fancier pants” with some of our organic cotton jerseys and interlocks.


DIY Couture

Rosie Martin introduces visitors to couture fashion and garment construction details through this blog.  Apart from sewing projects, the blog also focuses on classic concepts used to construct traditional garments and places emphasis to handmade details that make couture styles so special. And as if all that wasn’t enough, she also has a new book out called “No Patterns Needed” which is full of simple, visual sewing tutorials that helps you learn through doing by making clothes just from body measurements or from items from your existing wardrobe!! Rosie made some incredible trousers out of our hand block print fabric many moons ago – they’re still on my to-do list – and this easy-to-sew sleeveless top in one of our amazing African batiks!

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Franki Campbell

This lovely sewing blog explores the work of freelance creative pattern cutter, Franki Campbell. See her latest patterns at work, learn about new events in creative fashion and read reviews of fashion books. She’s also written some amazing zero-waste posts for us too – she’s quite the clever cloggs!


House of Pinheiro

This sewing blog is a hub of creative projects, fashion musings and tutorials of varying complexities, and is the creative venture of Rachel from Brazil. She offers tours of her fashionable and continuously growing wardrobe, discusses photography tips and gives valuable advice to beginners in sewing through this friendly blog. Another great feature is her sew along section, where, over the course of a few weeks you can follow step-by-step tutorials and advice on how to make something amazing from vogue patterns…fun!!

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‘Sewing for good’ is the tagline of this interesting sewing blog. Alex, a Great British Sewing Bee contestant and the talented blogger behind it, realises her commitment to the cause of sustainability through DIY sewing projects. She shares detailed instructions and records of every one of her creations, as well as offering sewing tips and advice to the rest of the world through this fabulous blog. And if you missed it, Alex made up an amazing playsuit in some of our pink taffeta and documented the whole thing – swoon!


By Hand London

Set up by three stylish women from London, By Hand London is an independent pattern sewing label. The blog page offers sewing tutorials, ideas on re-fashioning old garments and free sewing patterns. You can also buy sewing kits and patterns from their site. Elisalex (on of said three stylish Londoners) made a gorgeous jacket for her boyfriend last Christmas using some of our hand woven fabrics .. but I can’t find a link to it now, gah!)

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Thrifty Stitcher

This amazing blog is full to bursting with amazing tips and tricks!! Claire-Louise Hardie who writes the blog also runs a nifty sewing school in Stoke Newington which has sewing lessons that explore different dressmaking styles. From simple tutorials for sewing novices, seasonal accessories and dressmaking advice, to elaborate outfit patterns for sewing experts, the blog has a range of projects to try. Enhance your sewing knowledge by signing up for their fortnightly newsletter and don’t forget to check out their free video tutorials!!


What Katie Sews

Katie helps to create the basic wardrobe through tutorials for essential clothing pieces. Every item has design and sewing instructions to be created from scratch, all of which are totally wearable and amazing!! She also discusses unique and elaborate designs every once in a while. You can see the list of projects with pictures at her sewing studio link and click on the pictures for details of each featured item…super useful!! Katie made up some beautiful bits using hand woven fabric she picked up at our fabric party last year. And the rate that she churns out these amazing makes?! Jaw-dropping.

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Wendy Ward

This blog belongs to Wendy, the experienced fashion designer who runs the MIY Workshop in central Brighton. Her blog articles and tutorials provide practical sewing techniques. She also discusses how to choose sewing tools and equipment, talks about types of fabrics, common sewing lingo and terminology. The blog is very useful for sewing enthusiasts of every level to improve skills and knowledge. Wendy also featured little old moi recently in an interview – which was hugely flattering … (cheeky, no obligation link to that here)…


Randomly Happy Blog

A fresh blog by Elena, a sewing addict, has all you need from amazing sewing tips, to free patterns, and delightful DIY ideas to keep you occupied for a long time. You can build your own handmade wardrobe with the various tutorials in this blog. The Randomly Happy Blog is regularly updated with the latest on-trend dress styles, so your wardrobe is up-to-date for every season!! Elena made some super cute sewing Christmas decorations too, using some hand block printed fabric – LOVE.


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Megan Nielsen

This is the blog page of the very fashionable Megan Nielsen Patterns. It has a whole library of free tutorials and sewing patterns as well as styling ideas and sewing advice; basically, all that you need to create your own handmade stylish wardrobe!!


Handmade Jane

Jane, fan of fitted, vintage dress styles and retro fashion, explores a range of exciting sewing tutorials on her blog. You will find trendy new looks and helpful advice and tips on making your own creations here. I first discovered Jane when she made this gorgeous A-line skirt in some of our red shirting. It’s been love since then.


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Scruffy Badger Time

Scruffy Badger is a sewing journal featuring fun projects to add to your wardrobe. Explore some colourful, exciting and even unusual sewing projects through this blog by Winnie, who also introduces us to her gorgeous, quirky handmade wardrobe here too.



You’ll find several ideas for clothes and non-clothing projects on the Fabrickated blog. Kate, the brains behind the blog, takes readers through detailed instructions to create selected handmade fabric designs. And you can discover all about her take on fashion, fit, stitching and style – incredibly informative stuff.


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