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Christmas Gift Guide For Makers And Doers

Christmas Gift Guide For Makers And Doers

As mulling spices and pine begin to scent the air and another day is marked off the calendar, Christmas tiptoes a little nearer. Have you begun your holiday shopping yet? Or do you like to wait until the last minute? Whether you’re nearly done or just beginning, I’ve put together some great ideas for some of the hardest people to buy for—makers and doers.

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I know you want to present them with something special that they will truly enjoy. It can be tough to find something as precious as those handmade treasures that they are no doubt busy preparing. This Christmas gift guide for makers and doers will make choosing the perfect gift effortless. Or perhaps you want to send this list over to your loved ones for yourself!

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Mystery Sewing Boxes

Where else would we start but with our Mystery Sewing Boxes! Give the gift of inspiration. Each box is stuffed with carefully wrapped goodies, including breathtaking fabrics, small coordinating items like buttons or ribbons, project cards, and even some sweet treats. Get the complete rundown here. These nifty bundles are so fun, you may decide to get one for yourself. We’re also offering a huge buy 1 get 1 half price offer! One for you and one for a friend maybe?!

Christmas gift guide

A surprise bundle of the really special sustainable and ethical fabrics, included in our Mystery Sewing Boxes!

On Trend Needle Point Kits

There is a new trend in needlepoint that blows the old-fashioned versions out of the water. Modern crafters won’t want to miss out these. BonBonStitch is offering some beautiful kits on Etsy. These kits include everything your favourite sewer will need to enjoy a moment of peace while creating artistic stitch work, including the season’s hottest patterns. Their motto is that crafting is so much more than making, and I happen to agree.

Christmas gift guide

Gorgeous needlepoint kits from BonBonStitch include everything you need for making a wonderful modern tapestry. Image courtesy of BonBonStitch

Workshops For Weavers

Why not give your favourite tinkerer the gift of a new skill? Weaving has so many applications and adding a new one to your repertoire can be oh so exciting. Frame loom weaving is in right now.


Christmas gift guide

Pastel coloured Australian Merino wools come in a 5 pack from Loom and Spindle, for only $22!

In fact, Tea and Crafting (London) has a schedule of amazing workshops, with a fantastic looking one for beginner weavers, that your friends and loved ones would love to get in on.

Not sure if your favourite crafter would be up for taking a class? Fill their stocking with beginner goodies like how-to books, a spindle, cotton thread and a small loom to get them started off. Get your supplies from Loom and Spindle.

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Christmas gift guide

Give the gift of a weaving workshop with Tea and Crafting. Your loved one will make a gorgeous weaving like this one! Imag courtesy of Tea and Crafting

Chrsitmas gift guide

Frame looms are a dinky, crafty little gift to give, and whoever you give one to might make a weaving for you!

Unleash Their Inner Craftivist

Know someone who loves crafting and helping others? This is the perfect gift for them. The Craftivist Collective has loads of fun looking projects that are actually connected to a powerful mission—spreading solidarity. How does it work? Choose a project you think they would enjoy–anything from bunting to key chains or prints. Each one brings a powerful message to reflect on while your favourite doer does what he or she does best. Many also include stickers to continue spreading the message.

christmas gift guide

A Heart For Your Sleeve project run by The Craftivist Collective.

Classes For Nature Lovers

Does your favourite maker have a passion for the great outdoors? Surrey Arts School offers festive workshops that are centered around elements from nature. Gift a special experience that is at once part craft, part nature, and part retreat. They can refresh and recharge their spirit with new skills both of craft and of mindfulness.

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Christmas gift guide

Surrey Art School offer all sorts of creative classes inspired by nature. Printmaking, clay, painting and more… in the tranquility of the Surrey rural landscape. Truly relax and escape into making! Image courtesy of Surrey Art School

Crafting Classes For Kids

Grown-ups aren’t the only ones who enjoy making and doing. Children will be thrilled to find crafting classes under the tree. It’s another great gift idea that keeps on giving. The skills and confidence they earn will last longer than any shiny plastic toy (which admittedly last for a long time… in landfill). I highly recommend Little Hands Design; they offer sewing classes for budding fashionistas and playful crafters alike for both adults and kids.

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Extravagant Patterns

Even the most passionate sewers run out of inspiration from time to time. Help rekindle the flame with innovative books and cutting edge patterns. For more guidance on choosing a pattern that your beloved seamstress will love, read my blog on The Best Sewing Pattern Makers. And, be sure to check out Tilly And The Buttons. I’ve had my eyes on the Cleo Dungaree Dress for a while. It looks so simple, yet fun and versatile. They also run fantastic workshops in their beautiful South London studio.

Christmas gift guide

The Cleo dungaree dress sewing pattern is absolutely timeless, which makes it a sustainable gift in any case! Image courtesy of Tilly And The Buttons

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Christmas gift guide

The pattern for Zeena Dress from By Hand London is available as PDF donwnload! Image courtesy of By Hand London. Give it as a gift with our Cream Undyed Organic Batiste – the perfect fabric and wonderful base for creative friends to dye whichever colour they please! Just search it in our online shop – it’s on sale too!

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Remove the Rules

Have a daring sewer on your list? Give them a copy of ‘No Patterns Needed’ by Rosie Martin. The book details a bunch of modern designs based on basic geometric shapes, which allow you to create stunning pieces without the confines of a strict pattern. It’s a bold theory that is surprisingly easy to follow.

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Christmas gift guide

The sewing pattern for this Ruffle Dress by DIY Couture will be a truly inspiring and rewarding gift for many a talented soul with the needles and threads! Image courtesy of DIY Couture

Gift Vouchers For Sustainable And Ethical Fabrics

Buying fabrics for keen sewists is always tricky when you don’t feel so clued up on the properties and uses of different fabrics. Our online shop offers amazing guidance for each and every product, but to save time why not give them our Offset Warehouse Vouchers? That way they can peruse to their heart’s content and choose the perfect fabric.

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Giving More

Give more this holiday season with these great gift ideas for makers and doers. Whether you give supplies, classes, or books, your recipient will be blessed with an inspiring experience. There’s nothing quite like creating or doing something new. I hope this Christmas gift guide truly makes your shopping stress-free so you can focus more energy on enjoying this magical Christmas season.

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