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Need New Year Resolution Ideas? Make A Resewlution!

Need New Year Resolution Ideas? Make A Resewlution!

Happy New Year from all of the Offset Warehouse crew!  Now it may seem clichéd but I just love the fresh start of a new year; the perfect time to set yourself goals, make changes and get inspired. I always set myself personal New Year resolutions, I think the key is to keep it simple and achievable. Write it down somewhere you often look like in your diary or calendar and reward yourself when you stick to it!

Here’s my sewing New Year resolution or ‘Resewlution’ (yes, I am very proud of that pun) and I’ve also asked some of my fabulous sewing and blogging friends to share theirs with you too. Plus, I’ve got a super exciting treat to get your New Year’s sewing off to a great start… (skip to the end to find out)!  Without further ado… The Resewloutions!


Charlie Ross – Offset Warehouse (me!)

My Resewlution is to start pattern cutting my makes again. I keep a little sketchbook of beautiful designs, outfits and inspiration that I come across, or dream up, and I’d love to sew for myself. When I first started sewing I was never exposed to the joy of ready-printed patterns – I always bodged together my own designs. During my degree in fashion design, my bodging got a lot better and I drafted my own work. So ever since I discovered these magical pattern wonders a few years ago (you can whizz up a dress in an hour!!) I’ve become hugely lazy and simply resort to making “out of the book” rather than drafting my own. My Resewlution goal is to have created at least one of my sketchbook designs by the end of 2017, although five would be the ultimate “wow”. Now to decide which one of my many favourites to start with…


Rosie Martin –  DIY Couture

new year resolution


Author of genius books DIY Couture and No Patterns Needed Rosie has inspired many sewers and newcomers to tear up to the rule book and work without patterns. Her Resewlution is:
“To not physically increase the amount of fabric I own. This means if I want to purchase new fabric I have to get rid of or use fabric I already have to make space for it.”


Alex – Sewrendipity

new year resolution


Alex runs a fantastic eco sewing blog Sewrendipity:

“My main objective for 2017 is to sew things I wear a lot. So I want to identify the gaps in my wardrobe and fill them in by sewing. I have not bought any new clothes at all since 1st Jan 2015, so I want to make sure the time I’m allocating to sewing is going towards items I need and not frivolous party frocks that I wear once every two years. I guess it’s more about the process of slow sewing – I mean in a similar way to slow eating, slow consumption, etc. Also, I want to make sure I make the repairs or tweaks to stuff I already own or have made, so I can get more wear out of them.”


Shilpa Bilimoria – House Of Bilimoria

new year resolution

Fashion designer Shilpa, from House of Bilimoria:

“To visit a gallery or museum once a week as an inspirational, research and development day! Much too often so busy with the to-do list and miss the amazing current events, abundance of worldly exhibitions and artwork there is to take advantage of in this glorious city!! (London!)

To use up all the gems of fabrics that I have acquired over the years by making them into some great new clothes for ME!! Yes I said ME- selfish is the way I’m going to start 2017. Selfish, that will bring me then into a space to share so much more with everyone, I love to say… start inside out!!”


Zoe – So Zo What Do You Know?

new year resolution


Blogger and sewing teacher extraordinaire Zoe:

“I recently read this quote in a parenting book: ‘What we occupy ourselves with every day moulds us’. I’m currently a full-time mum of a 3-year-old little girl and a three-month old little boy and the amount of time I have to sew has obvious diminished considerably. But that quote has reminded me how important for my mental well-being sewing is. So my Resewolution for 2017 is to seek out tiny pockets of time to squeeze some sewing in where ever possible, even if it’s just ten minutes here or there.”


Barley Massey – Fabrications

new year resolution

Barley is the owner of gorgeous shop Fabrications in Broadway Market where she teaches sewing and sells a whole host of lovely crafty things. (As well as Offset Warehouse Fabrics!)

“My Resewlotion is to create one upcycled garment a month using clothing or textiles I already have for MYSELF! As I’m sure many makers may appreciate you can neglect yourself when you are a professional maker / teacher. I will draw inspiration from Chinelo Bally’s ‘Freehand Fashion’ & Rosie Martin’s ‘No Patterns Needed’ – both of whom gave interesting talks at Fabrications in 2016. Looking forward to seeing what comes out!”


Winnie – Scruffy Badger Time

new year resolution


Inspirational sewing blogger Winnie:

“I have a very clear view that I shall make my Harris Tweed jacket…finally!  I’m going to be learning more about fitting (I’ve got a sewing holiday booked to make my custom fitting dress pattern.) I’ll also be venturing into something more creative and decorative, maybe giving patchwork a go? it’s about time I sprinkled some sewing magic around my house more….”


Now it’s your turn…

So there we have it… a wonderful collection of Resewlutions to help you get your future-thinking neural paths in gear after Christmas, and pledge renewed (or new!) allegiance to your creative side for the year ahead. Do share your Resewlutions in the comments too, I’d love to know! Also – why not divulge your goal to the cyber world using the hashtag #Resewlutions – maybe you will keep it more easily.


New Year’s Yum!

As promised… a little New Year’s something to help you on your sustainable sewing path. When you buy over two metres of our limited edition Turquoise Flecked Handwoven Ikat it will cost just £10 per metre! All you have to do is be logged in for the promotion to work. Now that’s a bargain let me tell you… those handwoven textiles, phwoar, are they an impressive slog at the loom or what!? Please do send us any photos of your creations with the Flecked Turquoise Ikat – we love love love to see what you’re up to, and show all the weavers what you’ve been making. Happy New Year fellow Resewlutionists!

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