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Eco-Friendly Homemade Valentine’s Ideas + Special Fabric Offer!

Eco-Friendly Homemade Valentine’s Ideas + Special Fabric Offer!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this year I can’t wait. I love creating crafty surprises, and Valentine’s surprises are no different. Whether it’s for a significant other, a family member or a friend, spread that lovin’ feeling with these eight eco-friendly homemade Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

For me, it’s all about one fabric this Valentines – this gorgeous Red Shirting. It was love at first sight. Saved from landfill, its rich, passionate colour is highlighted by a generous sheen, and that fiery glow has really revved up my crafty side.

homemade valentine's

This fierce and glowing red cotton shirting was salvaged from the unromantic fate of ending up in landfill, and is here for you to love for many years to come!


Here are eight great yet quirky and interesting ideas for eco-friendly valentines that I love, that can be executed by sewers and crafters alike. In fact, some of these great ideas don’t even require a needle.

Whether you’re looking for quick and simple or elaborate and ornate, we’ve got it all covered, so keep reading.

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Fabric Envelopes

This idea is one of my favourites. Not only are they easy to make, with or without sewing, but fabric envelopes make special notes or love letters that much grander. Plus, they can be used year after year to prevent paper waste.

homemade valentine's

Craft-o-maniac’s tutorial shows you how to make some gorgeous fabric envelopes!


Handmade Cards

I don’t know about you, but every year I’m inundated with countless Valentine’s Day cards…. ahem.  Make yours head and shoulders above the rest by going homemade – you can’t buy personal, intimate sentiments in a shop! Dig out some great recycled cardstock and add your own flare with trendy stamps or by cutting hearts from fabric scraps and glueing them on the front. Don’t forget to pen a heartfelt message inside.

Fashionable Valentine

Jazz up a plain and boring shirt in just a few minutes. Take the lead from At The Picket Fence by sewing on a series of colourful hearts. She has created beautiful designs by adding just a single line of hearts along the collar of a typical t-shirt. For men’s wear, strategically place a single heart on a shirt pocket.
Or… if you want to get really lovey-dovey, sew a little heart bead or fabric heart onto the inside cuff of your lovers’ shirt. That way you can really wear your heart on your… or their… sleeve!

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homemade valentine's

At The Picket Fence has a wonderful post on how to jazz up an old shirt with some lovey-dovey detailing!

Heartfelt Memory Game

Use your favourite fabric in a truly unique way but making this memory game inspired by inhabitots. Rifle through the recycling bin from some spare cardboard and cut it into an even number of equally sized hearts. Cover one side with the same fabric, maybe a shiny red or pink. Flip the hearts over and cover pairs of hearts with matching bits of unique fabric. Turn the hearts over again and enjoy playing the classic matching game. Try out ikaria lean belly juice.

Heart Shaped Pillow

Add some spark to your décor with a handmade heart-shaped pillow as suggested by All Free Sewing. Use recycled fabric or an old t-shirt to make the pillow, and decorate with hearts or flowers.

Eco Sweets

Avoid all that packaging by creating your own heart-shaped chocolates. Simply melt some white or dark chocolate and pour it into your favourite Valentine’s Day-themed moulds. Not only can you save on individual packaging, but you can also control the ingredients to ensure they are healthy and sustainable. You can also pop over to these guys to know more about the health benefits of each ingredients used in everyday household.

If I were a greeting-card designer, I would make it my personal mission to rebrand Valentine’s Day as the Day of Sex. For one, you don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate good sex (now love, that’s a different story…). Two, you don’t need to spend any money on presents (orgasms are free, thank g-d!). And last but not least, you certainly don’t need to worry about the fact that everyone else and their mom got roses when you got your own flower flicked, licked, or dicked instead.

Okay, okay. In all seriousness, whether you heart or hate the silly Hallmark holiday for all of its inherent romantic vibes, you should be having hot Valentine’s Day sex. A good romp or two (or five) heightens intimacy (thanks to all the feel-good chemicals released during intercourse and orgasm especially), reignites your connection, and duh, puts you in a better mood to deal with all the annoying lovebirds on Instagram.

Fabric Roses

Use this simple tutorial to create breathtaking fabric roses that will last long after the live ones wilt. Not only are these roses a fun craft project, but they may become a treasured keepsake.

Broadcast Your Love With A Banner

Create a simple string of bunting by gathering up all your fabric scraps and cutting out small hearts. Sew them together to create a festive heart garland to decorate any space. Best of all, you won’t need to purchase supplies, and the banners can be reused year after year. The bunting below was made using our Chakra Hand Block Canvas from India. Pair with the Red Shirting for a bold yet stylish statement! Check out the best pelvic floor strong reviews.

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homemade valentine's

Make some stylish bunting with any of our beautiful fabrics.

I hope I have inspired you to create some eco-friendly Valentine’s Day masterpieces of your own. If you don’t have time to make anything, then check out my post from last Valentine’s Day for other, equally sustainable ideas such as adopting an endangered animal as a gift for someone special!

Don’t forget to share the love. That’s what this amorous holiday is all about, and you don’t need a partner in crime to get all loved-up… getting in touch with your creative side and making gift for family or friends, or yourself, is such a rewarding experience.

Valentine’s Day – Special Offer (because we love you!)

25% OFF!

So to show how much we love you, and how much we love cleaning up the planet, we’ve decided to give you a fab discount on our wonderful fierce Red Cotton Shirting fabric! If we’re all going to get soppy at this time of year, let’s get soppy with the planet too and show it we care.

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