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Hello and welcome to my blog!  I’m Charlie and I run Offset Warehouse, a social enterprise and ethical fabric shop!

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That’s me!

I started this blog because so many of our customers were making INCREDIBLE things using our eco fabrics, so I wanted an amazing platform to show them off (and a place where I could learn how to make them myself!)  When you hear the word “eco” you often think of tired, dull clothing and hippie interiors, but you’ll soon see that the products on this blog are anything but!

Fairtrade Fabric Manufacturing

I first started Offset Warehouse to prove that it’s perfectly possible to be ethical without compromising on the quality, appearance and price of your final creation.  Making beautiful things shouldn’t harm the environment or the people who make them.  I source high and low to bring together a huge range of eco fabrics and haberdashery, ideal for all textile projects, and at prices that will surprise you.

I’m so incredibly proud to see all of these amazing products being made, using the ethical fabrics that I’ve sourced!  Whether it be fashion, lingerie, soft furnishing, toys or quilts or other crafts, I am really proud to see not only products that look amazing, but do the planet good, are kind to the workers who produced the raw materials, and don’t harm your loved ones with dangerous chemicals and pesticides.  Now doesn’t that make you feel good?

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Please leave your comments and give these amazing sewers a round of applause for their fabulous work!

We love to see all of your projects – even when they are total disasters!  So don’t be shy!  Be proud of your creations and email them over: [email protected]

Offset Warehouse Fairtrade Fabric Weaving

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