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Today is Happiness Happens Day and we’re standing up and being proud of our creations! Over at Offset Warehouse, we’ve noticed an unsettling tendency for us makers to be super critical and self deprecating when we’ve made something; but why?

“Yeah, it’s okay, the hem is a bit wonky, the darts aren’t even, I probably won’t wear it…” Sound familiar? Even if it looks amazing to other people, if the final result isn’t exactly what you had in mind you can be left feeling a bit deflated.

Well, we think it’s about time we put an end to this. Happiness Happens Day is all about looking on the brighter side of life and being positive. So what better day to get involved and show the world your proudest make than on this Happiness Happens day!

Tweet, Facebook, Pin … whatever you want! Just get that photo of you and your proud make with #HappinessHappensOW out there! You can even email your photo over to Flo, [email protected], who’ll feature you right here, with all these other Happy People!

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